Have a major life crisis? Looking for serious, qualified advice? Have a sudden urge to tell me your entire life story and have someone tell you that you’re not insane and that things could easily be better if you just did X, Y, and Z? Then a consultation may be right for you.

I do both phone and email consultations. I’ve been working directly with people for almost six years now and have seen some incredible results from my clients. Learn more below.

Phone Consultations

“Your feedback was amazing. We touched on some major life issues, some of which I didn’t even realize I had.”
- Dan, New Jersey

Phone consultations are basically life problem obliteration. Here’s what happens: You have a plateau or life situation you can’t seem to get over. We set up a time and focus on that issue for the full hour (or longer) until you have the clarity and knowledge to tackle it. Common consultation topics include: confidence issues, sexual shame, career changes, social problems, relationship problems, and other major life decisions.

Phone consultations really are the best way to resolve a singular specific issue in the short-term. Whether it’s doing exercises on the phone with me, or having me analyze a specific situation or problem, it really is amazing what can be accomplished. A lot of men also use consultations every few weeks as a way to have someone keep them accountable and give them specific things to work on and improve over a longer period of time.

“Your intuition with women really is spot on. Your advice helped me get that girl. Everything worked out the way you said. Thanks again.”
- Brad, Milwaukee, WI

“I still feel like I paid too little for the in-depth teaching and feedback I received.”
- XW, New York, NY

“I was at a major life decision point and deciding what I needed to do for my business. Mark got on the call and we got right to the heart of the matter. He gave me solid advice on what I needed to do with my decision and then got to the nuts and bolts of what I needed to do to monetize my business. I left with a game plan of 3 months for my major decision and a vision for my business for the next 6 months. I have clear, specific steps to follow and am glad I signed up for the consultation to save myself the months of trial-and-error to get to what we concluded.”
- TJ, Salt Lake City

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Email Consultations

In a bind and need a quick answer? Have a complicated situation and need someone knowledgeable to give you some no bullshit perspective on it? I offer in-depth, personalized emails with detailed advice and explanations of what’s going on in your life.

“Obviously knows what he’s doing. Mark is very personal, friendly, and giving. His advice has helped me out immensely over the years.”
- Lee, Boston

An email consultation may be exactly what you need if:

  • You’re in the process of making a major life decision and need a knowledgeable and objective third-party to offer advice.
  • You’re confused about an area of your life and need someone to help you sort out what’s going on in a logical and actionable way.
  • You have a particular or unique situation with a specific woman that you need someone to analyze and offer feedback.
  • You have a major personal issue that you’d like to keep confidential and receive personal advice on.

“Aside from giving the most perceptive and helpful advice I’ve ever received, he was really cool and remembered me when I happened to meet him for real. One of the realest and baddest mothers out there.”
- Thad, Connecticut

“You offered so much value it’s amazing, and in such a helpful and friendly manner. You’re one of the coolest guys doing this stuff.”
- Mike, Washington D.C.

Email consultations come in three different packages: single email, three emails, and unlimited monthly. They’re exactly what they say: the single email means one email and response. Three emails means three emails and responses, which can be spread out indefinitely. Unlimited monthly means you can email me and bug me as much as you’d like for one month.