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STOP Getting Nervous – START Meeting and Dating the Women YOU Want, With No Fear, No Hesitation And No Shame.

Interactive Course Helps You Develop Permanent Confidence Around Women.

We’ve all been there. See beautiful woman. Want to meet beautiful woman. Get nervous in front of beautiful woman. Stand frozen thinking of what to say to beautiful woman. Watch beautiful woman walk away.

Almost every single man has been in the situation where he’s seen a woman and wondered, “How do I date a woman like that?”

For some reason these women seem off-limits. They are “out of your league” and you feel helpless to control who comes in and out of your life.

But imagine this…

Imagine if you were capable of approaching any woman, in any situation, without hesitation or fear?

Imagine if you were confident that what you were saying to her was the “right” thing to say and you said it with no hesitation or awkwardness?

Imagine if you always knew the EXACT right moment to kiss her?

Imagine if you could turn things sexual and move things to the bedroom with no snags or hesitation?

I began my career as a dating coach for men eight years ago, and in that time I’ve worked with thousands of men from all over the world to get over their fears, anxieties and shame when it comes to women.

What I’ve always believed is that if you removed a man’s feelings of fear and inadequacy around women, everything else would take care of itself.

And sure enough, it does.

That’s why I created the Fearless Dating Course for Men. The course is my masterpiece: everything I know and understand about dating and building genuine self-confidence in your sexual relationships.

Many men have lost virginities. Others have found wives and girlfriends. Others have finally found their dream girl or dated multiple of their dream girls.

The key is that the only roadblock to your success is you. And I will show you how to get there.

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Here’s How It Works:

1. Try out the first 3 lessons for Free! The beginning of the Fearless Dating Course consists of about an hour of seminar where I explain how the course works and the basis behind my system to help you get over all of your fears and insecurities with women.

Try out the first three lessons and see if the course is the right solution for you. No hidden charges. No pressure to buy.

2. Four Free Bonuses. If you do end up subscribing to the course, you will gain access to four free bonuses. One is a full two hour seminar I gave in Zurich, Switzerland this past year. The second is a guided meditation to help alleviate particularly crippling anxieties and negative beliefs. The third is an hour-long audio I created on online dating strategies. And the last one is a 11-page PDF on how to apply progressive desensitization to other problem areas in your life.

3. Based on decades of validated scientific research. My method is based on the principles of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), which has decades of empirical research backing up its methods and is generally considered by psychologists as the most effective way to conquer basic social insecurities and anxieties.

4. Built-in accountability and feedback. The hardest part about conquering any fear is keeping oneself accountable. That’s why the Fearless Dating Course for Men has an accountability system built into it. As you progress through the 27 lessons, you will not be allowed to move on to the next lesson until you write down your experiences with the previous one. Your follow-ups will be available for all other members to see and they’ll be able to comment and give you feedback. Making yourself accountable to a small, safe group of similar-minded men increases your likelihood of success massively.

On top of that, the written exercises are focused to help you process your experiences and thoughts in a healthy and supportive manner. Many men who confront their anxieties with women don’t get far because they’re not able to process their experiences objectively. The Fearless Dating Course helps you do that, so you can make an honest assessment of yourself and improve.

5. Automated. Online. Discreet. Guaranteed. The Fearless Dating Course is 100% online and can be accessed any time you want. It’s automated and discreet. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. And when you finish the program, you get to keep access to it for free.

What others say:

“This program has opened my mind up to things I never knew were possible. I can’t thank you enough.”

- Matt P.

“With your tools, I definitely felt an increase in confidence when approaching women. Within a few days I approached more women than I had in the rest of my life combined. I have a lot of dates coming up. I feel much more comfortable around women now. Thanks.”

- Greg, Boston

“After years of sifting through dating advice from so-called ‘gurus,’ I found that most of them lack one thing that Mark’s system provides: an action plan. After only a few lessons with him, I no longer felt awkward talking to women, or anyone for that matter. They’re just people, and talking is normal! It feels so stupid to write that, but it’s easy to forget when you’re so nervous. I’m kind of kicking myself because now that I know how easy it is to get a girl’s phone number, I’m regretting wasting so many years sitting around reading about this stuff instead of actually doing it.”

- Drew, Scottsdale


“But HOLY SHIT I still can’t get over the fact I am going up to hot girls and being upfront with them! And the awesome part is that it doesn’t feel like that big of a deal anymore. They are just people, not “better” people, like I thought of them before and that’s why I was so nervous before. Stuff always just fell into place with girls before, never because I was significantly bold or proactive. That is changing now.”


“I was able to be more comfortable with myself, and around women. I can approach most attractive women that pass by me or I see on the street, with little or no hesitation. When I get that heart pounding feeling, it doesn’t hold me back, rather it lets me know I’m very interested and I walk faster to catch up. I feel more confident, in control, and free regardless of outcome. I finally feel like I’m living. It has been a very liberating and enlightening experience. My beliefs were challenged, my perception of reality shaken.

The step by step process you laid down did wonders in helping me get rid of anxiety. I am a hard case newbie with barely any dating experience. It takes extraordinary willpower, determination and effort, but the reward for a few weeks of my time is beyond words. I now feel like I can approach any woman, any time, any place, any where, regardless or race, age, or stereotype. Coupled with taking care of myself and working on my own lifestyle, the natural confidence I feel everyday transcends any pickup advice. It is truly a rewarding experience and has been one hell of a journey. One I will remember the rest of my life because after this program, it will never be the same.”

- R.L.

“I would like to cancel my subscription. I have gotten a ton out of it so far – a couple weeks ago it took me about 30 minutes to get the courage to ask a cute girl the time, and now I can walk up to a girl and actually tell her I think she is cute – but I have started seeing a girl and will be curtailing my approaches for the time being.”


Yes Mark! I’m ready to overcome my insecurities with women and take control of my dating life once and for all!

 I want to try the 3 lessons of the Fearless Dating Course for free.

I also understand that this system gets fast results and is easy for ANY guy to use, and that it will take me just a few short minutes per day.

Instant Access. No Credit Card Needed.

More testimonials

“As I’ve mentioned it some times before, I had two times sex in the last week with the same woman. It was actually fucking great. Apart from the fact that we had a great connection with each other, I was honest all the time. The first time we had sex was at my place respectively at the place of my friends (visiting some friends in Berlin), the second time (and that was really, really awesome) she reserved a hotel room, where we had sex. All in all it was fucking awesome.

She made me the nicest compliment I’ve probably heard. While we had sex she told me how good I am in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to brag but till I started with this program I thought subconciously that sex is something that a man gets from a woman and you have to work for it and show her that you deserve it.

The first day of my life I really believe that a woman can be as happy to fuck with me as I am to fuck with her. One of the greatest moments in life (I know, sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth).”

- Santi

“Man, today I’ve approached very cute girls (most of them were very friendly, especially after my first approach, where I just relaxed and kept genuine smile and thought on my feet).

These progressive steps really work (Now I realize I am still just at the beginning, but I already see the changes in myself (I am more relaxed and playful). I also noticed how my self-esteem is getting higher.”

- Bedman

“So I had pretty hardcore approach anxiety. Stopping someone to ask for the time would be really hard for me, so regularly approaching girls in nightclubs was almost impossible! While this sort of fear isn’t rational, it’s just something that existed for me. After a two-day bootcamp and numerous trips to nightclubs over 6 months, it hadn’t really got any easier.

This is the only program of it’s type I have found and I really wish I had found it a year ago. The gradual desensitisation really is the only way I have found to move on from this fear and make any progress improving my ability to meet women (and I’ve tried a lot!). While it is challenging, it really is achievable.

It’s amazing to think of how much progress I made and how much easier I now find approaching.”

- Stephen

Get full access to the first 3 lessons of the Fearless Dating Course for FREE.

Instant Access. No Credit Card Needed.