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Episode 1

I cover a lot of topics in this AMA: balancing ambition vs contentment, nihilism, polyamory and the ethics of sexual relationships, building confidence/self-esteem, sexism and racism, how the success of the book has and has not changed things for me, and more.

Part 1

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  • Balancing wanting more with accepting that you’re enough
  • Have you experienced profound periods of nihilism?
  • How can you become more comfortable with conflict?
  • How do we cope in a world that’s changing so fast?
  • Are there any questions you can ask yourself to know you’ve become an emotionally stable person?
  • What do you think about ethical non-monogamy?
  • Is pornography ever ethical? What about sex clubs? Totally random casual sex? Why do these thing feel wrong to me?

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Part 2

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  • What’s the most effective way for a low self-confidence or depressed/anxious person to make the shift to someone who takes action consistently?
  • The endless amount of self-development content: How do you separate the gold from the shit?
  • How are you building an intentionally fulfilling relationship with your wife?
  • What’s with the trend in eliminating competition and protecting everyone’s feelings?
  • How can you point out real sexism without “triggering” overly emotional reactions?
  • If you were emperor of the world and could change humanity in any way, what would you change?
  • What are your thoughts on white privilege in the 21st century? How do our racial issues compare to other parts of the world?
  • How do you find the place where you belong?
  • How do people change? Why do some people stay stuck in their worldview and beliefs?

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Part 3

Watch Part 3
  • What do you think makes a best-selling book?
  • What changes have you experienced now that you’re a best-selling author?
  • Was there any inclination to just coast after experiencing the success of the new book?

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