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Episode 15

In this AMA, I cover what to do when you’re feeling lost, the fucked up side of self-help, when you’ve tried but failed to improve your dating life, battling instant gratification, using social media in a healthy way, and more. Watch episode 15

Episode 14

Dealing with feeling embarrassed all the time. Distinguishing emotional manipulation from your own insecurities. Figuring out what you want in a partner. Dealing with toxic family members… and a lot more. Watch episode 14

Episode 13

Can chemistry and romance be (re)created? Changing vs embracing yourself, living in the moment, choosing the best books to read, dealing with feelings of inferiority, and more. Watch episode 13

Episode 12

I riff on self-love, being friends with an ex, shame and guilt, “healthy” insecurities, what to teach kids these days, and more. Watch Episode 12.

Episode 11

I dive into the gritty details of questions like “What the actual fuck is chemistry?”, “Is dating harder for men or women?”, “Have I found happiness?” and more. Watch episode 11.

Episode 10

I tackle four questions in a little more depth in this round of AMAs. I covered why I committed to my wife, changing your attachment style, keeping your sex life interesting in marriage, and sexual assault and the #MeToo movement. Watch episode 10.

Episode 9

In this AMA, I cover dating questions related to having too high of standards, bipolar disorder, binge eating, dealing with regret, and more. Watch episode 9.

Episode 8

I dive into some questions on dealing with the anxiety of regret, internal vs external validation, reconciling “fuck yes” with my philosophy of not completely trusting yourself, toxic family relationships, and more. Watch episode 8.

Episode 7

Here, I cover dealing with “demons,” whether or not you should specialize in your career/life, red flags vs manageable shortcomings in friends/partners, forgiveness, yet another question on monogamy, and more. Watch episode 7.

Episode 6

In this round of AMAs, I cover dealing with an overly sensitive personality, choosing a partner “logically,” balancing self-improvement with self-acceptance, dealing with the inevitability of being average at most things, and more. Watch episode 6.

Episode 5

In this AMA, I get my wife to join me to talk a little bit about how we met and our relationship. Then I get into dealing with victim mentalities, when to say “fuck it” and give up, knowing when you should/shouldn’t get married, dealing with people who have shitty values, my new book, and more. Watch episode 5.

Episode 4

AMA Episode 4
In this AMA, I answer questions about confidence, jealousy, how past promiscuity affects your chances for successful monogamous relationships, dealing with narcissists, telling white lies, when The Law of Fuck Yes or No makes you say “fuck no” to everyone, dating in your 30s, and more. Watch episode 4.

Episode 3

AMA Episode 3
I’m back in this AMA with some thoughts on making new friendships, figuring out when/if you should get married, switching careers, how the actual fuck to find a someone to be with, what’s blowing my mind at the moment, and more. Watch episode 3.

Episode 2

AMA Episode 2
This AMA covers everything from what I do when I think the world is a steaming pile of shit, to compatibility issues in relationships, to a clarification about the law of “fuck yes or no”, to neediness, to more thoughts on nihilism, to monogamy, to modern masculinity, and more. Watch episode 2.

Episode 1

AMA Episode 1
I cover a lot of topics in this AMA: balancing ambition vs contentment, nihilism, polyamory and the ethics of sexual relationships, building confidence/self-esteem, sexism and racism, how the success of the book has and has not changed things for me, and more. Watch episode 1.