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This is where site members can submit any questions they’d like me to answer in my next Ask Mark Anything video. Every few months I post a new video answering the most upvoted questions, so make ’em good!

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Submission Guidelines

  • Before submitting your question, please check the questions that have already been submitted and the videos that have already been posted to avoid repeat/similar questions. You can also vote on the questions that have been submitted to increase the chance of them being answered.
  • IMPORTANT: Each submission should only contain one question. If you want to ask more than one question, just submit them separately. You can have up to five active questions at a time.
  • ALSO IMPORTANT: Your submission must be in the form of a question I can answer. This is not a forum for site suggestions, compliments, complaints, or general sharing. For anything that’s not a question, you can contact me via my contact page.
  • Keep in mind: Everything you share on this page is public. Your mom could see it.
  • Keep it brief: I know your life is crazy and tons of stuff has happened to you, but giant walls of text are unlikely to be read by many people (including me). It’s preferable that you put the whole question in the title, but if that’s impossible, then try not to write more than 1-2 sentences in the body. This will increase your chances of getting upvoted and answered.
  • Edits and deletes: Your submission can be edited at any time by going to the main questions page and hitting the ‘edit’ button next to it. You can delete your submission by clicking ‘delete’.

Submissions that don’t meet the above guidelines will be removed, as will submissions that can’t be easily read or understood (typos, bad grammar, nonsensical, etc.).

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