Episode 6 – Ask Mark Anything

Check out this free excerpt of the AMA: How do you balance self-improvement with self-acceptance?



Topics I cover in this AMA

A few weeks ago, I asked site members to submit and vote for questions they would like me to answer.

Here are the other topics I cover in this AMA.

  • What recommendations do you have for those with an overly sensitive personality?
  • What’s a healthy way to cope with averageness?
  • Should you choose a partner based on logic and reason?
  • What is the self-limited beliefs you found most difficult to overcome?
  • How do you follow through on plans without validation?
  • What would you put on a giant billboard for thousands to see?
  • What would you do if you were starting your writing career today?
  • What do you honestly think about Facebook and other social media?
  • How much space do you and your wife give each other and are you interested in each other’s work?
  • Outtakes – Mark fucks up

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