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Episode 3

I’m back in this AMA with some thoughts on making new friendships, figuring out when/if you should get married, switching careers, how the actual fuck to find a someone to be with, what’s blowing my mind at the moment, and more. Watch episode 3.

Episode 2

This AMA covers everything from what I do when I think the world is a steaming pile of shit, to compatibility issues in relationships, to a clarification about the law of “fuck yes or no”, to neediness, to more thoughts on nihilism, to monogamy, to modern masculinity, and more. Watch episode 2.

Episode 1

I cover a lot of topics in this AMA: balancing ambition vs contentment, nihilism, polyamory and the ethics of sexual relationships, building confidence/self-esteem, sexism and racism, how the success of the book has and has not changed things for me, and more. Watch episode 1.