Is It Just Me, Or Is the World Going Crazy?

In the past year, despite hundreds of people asking me, I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to avoid all temptation to write an article about Donald Trump or the slow motion, 20-car pileup that is this year’s US presidential election.

Until now.

Before, I stayed out of the gravitational pull of Trump’s narcissistic publicity machine for a few reasons:

  1. There’s already so much stuff out there about him and how terrifying he is as a presidential candidate, I never felt like there was anything I could say that wasn’t already being said by somebody smarter or more informed than me.
  2. The guy doesn’t need any more attention or publicity. Seriously, fuck him. But most importantly:
  3. Trump is an effect, not a cause. You don’t get a major party nomination off your own merits; you get there because you’re able to represent and channel millions of people’s thoughts and feelings. There is a putrid stench fermenting just beneath the surface of 21st-century society, and it birthed Trump, not the other way around. Nothing about the man himself is particularly unique or noteworthy, in my opinion.

No, a rich, narcissistic, opportunistic demagogue …