Models: Table of Contents


Introduction: Movement

Part I: Reality

Chapter 1: What Attracts Women
The Ubiquity of Status
The Desire to Be Desired

Chapter 2: True Confidence
The Seduction Process
False Confidence and Compensation

Chapter 3: Power in Vulnerability
The Pain Period
The Investment Paradox

Chapter 4: The Gift of Truth
The Truth is Always Shining Through
Setting Boundaries
Finding Your Truth
Friction and Projection

Part II: Strategy

Chapter 5: Polarization
The Three Categories of Women
Strategies for Each Category
Polarizing to Attract

Chapter 6: Rejection and Success
It’s Usually Not About You
Men Who Only Experience Rejection
Redefining Success

Chapter 7: The Three Fundamentals
Natural Advantages/Disadvantages
Two Types of Men

PART III: Honest Living

Chapter 8: Demographics
Lifestyle Choices
Beliefs and Self-Selection
Age, Money and Looks
Race and the Foreigner Effect
Social Proof
The Most Beautiful Women
Saying Something Versus Being Something

Chapter 9: How to Be Attractive
Fashion and Fitness
Body Language
Vocal Tonality
How to Be a Fascinating Person
Bringing It All Together

Part IV: Honest Action

Chapter 10: What Are Your Stories?
Defense Mechanisms
You Are Not A Victim
Sexual Motivation

Chapter 11: How to Overcome Anxiety
The Guide to Overcoming Your Anxieties
Courage and Boldness

Part V: Honest Communication

Chapter 12: Your Intentions
Sexual Tension
Developing an Emotional Connection
Building and Breaking Habits

Chapter 13: How to Be Charming
First Impressions
Conversation Skills

Chapter 14: The Dating Process
Phone Numbers
The Perfect Date
Signals Women Give

Chapter 15: Physicality and Sex


Conclusion: Moving Ahead
Epilogue: What if it Was a Gift?
Further Reading
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