Understanding Your Emotions

Table of Contents

What Are Emotions and What Do They Do for Us?
Experiencing an emotion is kind of like going through high school: when you’re in it, nothing feels more important. But when it’s over, you’re left wondering what the fuck that was all about.

Over the years, I’ve made a regular habit of criticizing our overreliance on our emotions. I’ve written articles with titles like “Fuck Your Feelings” and “Happiness Is Not Enough” and compared my readers’ temper tantrums to a dog shitting on a carpet.

(Sorry about that, by the way.)

But the truth is, emotions do matter. They are incredibly important. They are just not important in the ways that we think they are.

Emotions serve a purpose: they are your brain’s way of telling you something good or bad is happening in your life. They are feedback. Aaaaaand that’s about it.

No cosmic significance of the universe telling you to …