How to Pick Up Girls in College

I graduated a couple years ago but I wanted to impart some wisdom for the college guys coming up through the ranks behind me. I had a pretty sick run in terms of hook ups (slept with about 25 girls in my last three semesters) and it really is amazing how easy it can be for college guys if they get all their ducks in a row.

So for all the lucky bastards who are still in college: It’s simple.

Getting girls in college is about becoming well connected and parties. That’s it. Dating advice can help, although it is not necessary. Good looks are nice. But it really just comes down to making yourself the “Man on Campus.” Become the Van Wilder of your school, and that’s it. The women come to you. Literally.

Focus on social networking within your school to create a very WIDE circle of friends. Once you do this, you should be able to hit college parties almost every night, and have 2-3 options each weekend night. This was my lifestyle my senior year in school and honestly, I miss it. It was so easy compared to the bars and clubs. By my last semester college parties were like shooting fish in a barrel. I once had three hook-ups in one night. By comparison, for me to sleep with 3 girls at any bar or club in one night would be a feat of God.

So how do you become the “Van Wilder” of your campus? The process is fairly simple:

  1. Go to college parties. They’re easy to find. If you ask your friends, chances are they’ve heard of one.
  2. Approach EVERYBODY. Meeting new people at a college party is easy because everyone already goes to the same school, and knows somebody else at the party, so there’s already some sense of familiarity.
  3. Flirt with the girls you like and befriend everyone else. EXPAND YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE.
  4. As soon as you can tell a girl is attracted to you, make a move on her. Girls at college parties are drunk, inexperienced, stressed out, and many of them are looking to hook up. There’s no place for subtlety here.
  5. Repeat with your new friends.

If you do this enough, within a semester you’ll be hitting parties where you already know 1/3 or 1/2 of the people there. This is money because college parties are ALL about who you know. My senior year, I’d roll out solo to any number of parties. When I entered I’d have 10 girls FREAK OUT and scream at my arrival. Then I’d shake hands with another 10 guys I knew. The other girls SEE THIS and think, “Wow, who is THAT guy? I HAVE to meet him.” I had time numerous occasions when I’d go to a party like this, half the party would stop to welcome me, then I’d immediately get opened by 2-3 random girls. These girls are already attracted and often drunk. You can kiss them within minutes of meeting them. If you move things fast physically, and get them horny, you can get them in the bedroom within 30 minutes.

Some pointers:

  • Probably 1/2 of the parties you hit will be busts — they’ll suck. In this case, get a free drink and introduce yourself to the host(s). Talk to them for a couple minutes in hopes of getting invited to more of their parties. Then go to the next party.
  • Unless you’re in one, avoid frat and sorority parties if possible. A lot of them have unspoken social hierarchies. They also tend to have bad guy:girl ratios. If you’re in a frat, then disregard this.
  • Avoid parties with 200+ people. People at MASSIVE parties, develop “ADD Syndrome” where they’re talking to so many people that it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation for more than 30 seconds without interruption. Also, due to the size, meeting and making social connections becomes very arbitrary because everyone else has met 20 people already that night.

Finally, I’ll tell you the best thing you can possibly do to get laid in college. Me and my buddies did this all through my junior year, and my God, if I had known more about this stuff back then, who knows how many more girls I would have hooked up with.

  1. Get a couple good buddies together, 3-5 of you.
  2. One of you needs a decent sized apartment. It works best if a few of you are roommates together.
  3. Throw a party EVERY WEEKEND at this spot. It doesn’t matter if they start out small. Have all 4-5 guys invite their friends and invite any girls they met throughout the week in class or from other parties. At first, you’ll only get 10-12 people, but just buy tons of alcohol, and they’ll be happy.
  4. Eventually, most of these core people will come back. Have you and all of your buddies keep inviting every girl they’ve met throughout the week. Within a month or so, you should be getting a nice crowd of 20-30 people.
  5. Once this happens, it snowballs. For starters, you now have a party that consistently brings in more girls than guys. So the guys will start flocking. The first girls you all brought in now bring their cute friends. Your guy friends are now bringing cute girls they met to impress and hook up with. These people all KNOW that you throw it EVERY WEEKEND, so it becomes a staple to their weekend.
  6. Once you’re getting 100+ people a night, cap it and start charging money to people you don’t know.

Once you do this, hooking up becomes so easy, it’s not even fair. All five of us got action EVERY weekend. I was hooking up with 2-3 girls a night sometimes.

Why is it this easy? Because you have social influence in a RIDICULOUS amount of ways.

My buddies and I did this every weekend for a semester and a half. We lived on Egmont Street and called the party, “The Egg.” Our slogan was “It’s always cracking.” I hooked up with more girls in that place than I can count. We always had more girls than guys, and we had 20-30 steady regulars who came EVERY weekend. People thought I lived there even though I didn’t. Random people would stop me on campus and ask, “Is the egg cracking this weekend?” The answer was irrevocably, “Yes.”

I always had a solid way to get girls to meet up with me, so I would casually approach them on campus all the time. Once they’re there, attraction busts through the roof and I was able to get laid more or less every weekend if I wanted.

If you’d like to learn more about how to meet girls and hook up with them, check out my book Models: Attract Women Through Honesty.