About MarkManson.net

This site teaches a reality-based form of self development, as investigated through a deep understanding of psychology and culture. I also throw in a little bit of my own ridiculousness now and then.

3 Ways MarkManson.net Differs from Other Personal Growth Resources:

  1. Happiness is like being cool, the harder you try the less it happens.
  2. Negative emotions are a necessary part of life, they should be managed and learned from, not avoided.
  3. Let go of idealization and practice imperfection. Meaning is more important than success or happiness.

If these ideas appeal to you then here are the best articles to start with to get a general grasp of what the site is about (clicking each one opens a new tab):

The Most Important Question of Your LifeStop Trying to Be HappyBeing Special Is Not So SpecialShut Up and Be GratefulFuck Yes or No

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How did the site begin?

One night in 2007, a random guy approached me in a bar and offered to pay me if I helped him get girls. Unemployed and always up for an adventure, I accepted the offer. An entrepreneur was born.

Obviously, such things don’t happen in a vacuum. I had developed a bit of a reputation around town over the previous years. Whether that reputation was good or bad depended on who you asked.

From 2008 until 2011, I was a full-time professional dating/pick up coach for men. In 2011, I became sick of the industry and the toxic advice within it. I wrote my first book, Models: Attract Women Through Honesty and changed my business to address broader self development topics for men. The book took off, selling tens of thousands of copies without any marketing or mainstream promotion. And as I branched out into deeper issues of masculinity, self-worth, and the changing cultural landscape, so did this site.

By 2013, I had begun writing about larger cultural issues — gender relations, happiness, ambition, life purpose, and cultural perspectives I had gathered while living in various countries around the world. Despite the fact that the business was still directed at men, thousands of women began reading and asking for advice as well.

That same year, I made the leap to my own site and domain, broadening the demographics for whom I write. At the moment, if you dig through the archive and courses, you’ll notice most of the old material is directed towards men. That is slowly changing.

Who Am I?

new-headshot2Since that day in 2007, I found that I loved working with people and have a knack for explaining complicated psychological concepts in ways which were both understandable and actionable. Since then I’ve personally worked with thousands of people from more than 20 different countries. I’ve addressed audiences from Sydney to New York to Vienna and everywhere in between. I’ve talked people down from suicides, inspired marriages, and helped build first businesses.

As I expand into my focus onto the population at large, my goal with this site and my writing is for a different take on the self help genre. Up until now, personal development advice has always been doled out in terms of, “I’m great, you suck, here’s how to fix yourself.” It’s the old “guru” model. And it messes people up as much as it helps them. My aim is to give advice from a place of humility; as in, “I suck sometimes, you suck sometimes; here’s how I deal with it, hopefully it helps.” I call it self help from a first-person perspective.

Aside from my books and courses, I offer personal consultations as well.

I am also available for media requests and speaking engagements. If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me. Also, feel free to connect with me through Facebook and Twitter.

And finally, if you like what I’m doing, please subscribe and keep in touch. I interact with my readers every day!