Over the years, I’ve constructed interactive online courses to help people with specific problems they face in their lives. The courses cover the same themes of the blog and books but they dig much deeper and give you specific exercises and goals to pursue in your day-to-day life. All courses are based on decades of psychological research (CBT, ACT therapy, and various meditation techniques). All courses are 100% online and discreet. You can move through them at your own pace.

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The Connection Course uses interactive, online features to train you to become an expert conversationalist as well as learn how to deeply connect with those close to you.

With 22 lessons and over 50 individual exercises and practices, the Connection Course can end your awkward silences, your fear of what to say next, and teach you to have exciting, engaging conversations with whoever you meet.

It can take your interactions with those you meet to the next level. Become memorable. Make an impact…

The Fearless Dating Course for Men is an online interactive course that helps any man, regardless of age, appearance or experience, develop air-tight attractive confidence around women.

This simple method will allow you to overcome the fear of approaching women, sexualizing conversations with women, kissing women and pursuing sex with women.

With 27 interactive lessons, four bonuses, and over eight hours of video content, the Fearless Dating Course for Men is the summation of my entire career of dating and relationship knowledge, condensed to change lives as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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