Pain Is Inevitable. Suffering Is Optional

Learn how to create unshakable resilience for those times when life throws you a fat ball of shit

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How resilient are you?

You’ve probably heard some crazy story about a person who relentlessly worked their ass off to overcome impossible odds and unimaginable struggles.

Maybe they were born into poverty. Maybe they have some physical or mental disorder that puts them at a huge disadvantage. Maybe they suffered a traumatic event… or two, or ten. Maybe it’s someone you know.

And yet, they (or you) just never quit. In fact, they have an uncanny ability to laugh it off and get on with it. It’s the stuff of motivational speeches.

On the other hand, you might also know someone in your life who crumbles into pieces when the slightest little thing goes wrong. Maybe you know someone for whom, no matter what they do, things never seem to work out.

Maybe that person is you.

It’s fascinating when you think about it: one person can fight through unthinkable hardships without complaining while another person’s day seems perpetually ruined.


The Unpleasant Truth

At some point in our lives, we all deal with trauma, struggle, and hardship.

And we’ve all had that experience of summoning up the courage or strength to try and persevere. We watch that video or read that book or talk to that friend and think, “This is it—today, I’m going to turn it around.”

But then you get smacked in the face by reality.

Just when you have psyched yourself up with positive thoughts, reality just finds another way to disappoint you.

Just when you think you’ve overcome your heartbreak and baggage, another person hurts you.

Just when you feel like you finally got the motivation to get your shit together, life throws you another curveball, messing everything up.

It feels as though nothing works, nothing is ever enough…

Well… what if I told you that all those obstacles and struggles and all the pain that comes with them is actually the path to a more fulfilling, more meaningful life?

How to Deal With Any Setback

See, the way you handle the struggles in your life has everything to do with the stories you tell yourself about pain.

One thing I’ve noticed that separates people who “get it” from people who don’t is a tendency towards doing something when they run into an obstacle. And that’s because the story they tell themselves is that pain is a call to action.

On the other hand, if the story you tell yourself is that pain is to be avoided, well then you’re a lot less likely to take any action whatsoever.

Resilient people turn towards pain to deal with it. Fragile people turn away from pain and end up suffering more for it.

So instead of giving up when life hands you a steaming bowl of shit, what if you could:

  • …have an undaunted sense of purpose that helps you appreciate the pain?
  • …see big, hairy problems as a series of smaller, more manageable problems?
  • …make better choices to improve your situation that most people don’t even consider?
  • …separate the inescapable pain of life from the added suffering you create in your mind?

You can do all of this. You can be a more resilient person.

Because pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

How You Can Take On Tougher Challenges, Fight Through the Roadblocks, and Live Life With Tenacity and Purpose

Look, it doesn’t matter how smart or talented you are if you can’t handle all the shit life throws at you. And life will always throw shit at you.

The Resilience Course shows you how to break through the barriers that are holding you back so you can live a more meaningful, fulfilled life.

But buckle the fuck up, because it’s a deep dive into the psychology of pain, suffering, and mental toughness.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

  • The two types of pain we experience

    And why you have more control over your suffering than you probably think you do.

  • How to find a bottomless well of choices

    That give you more control over your life.

  • The fastest way to know which challenges are worth taking on in your life

    And rock solid reasons for enduring them.

  • A simple but effective way to rewrite narratives about your struggles

    You can turn them into an endless supply of fuel for achieving your goals.

  • 2 ways to connect more deeply with others

    Build a network of resilient people that you can turn to when shit gets real rough.

  • How to create actionable plans to take on the hard challenges

    Like the ones you might be facing right now.

The course is broken up into six video lessons. You also get actionable exercises for each lesson and a really, really pretty digital workbook that you can print off.

This is not a bunch of hacks or tricks you use on your brain to get you to be tougher or whatever.

We’ll go much deeper than that.

You’ll learn the philosophy behind the methods that help you work through any problem, any struggle, any pain you face for the rest of your life.

What People Are Saying

Praise for the Resilience Course

If you go through with this course and manage to find a way to enjoy your daily struggle and stop whining to yourself and others, you will for sure feel stronger and more resilient. As always with the work of Mark—it sparks deep thoughts and I can take a lot of it with me.


Amazing course!!!! I’m glad I decided to buy the subscription, Mark is really an incredible person, if you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s problems and don’t know how to react to them this is exactly what you need.


This course ran me out of reasons not to deal with my own self-created bullshit.


This course was incredibly helpful. I found myself stuck and unable to move forward after something awful happened in my life. After finishing the course I had a better mindset about what happened and some actionable steps to get out of that paralyzed fear place I was stuck in. I am so grateful for this course!


Going through this course taught me so much about letting go of what other people will think that is stopping me from expressing my desires, preferences, and boundaries. I do it nicely, but assertively, which is new for me. I tend to spend time working through scenarios in my head trying to protect other people. I need to stop doing that and owning my happiness. I also very much appreciated the section on finding allies. It turns out that every single person I speak to is willing to listen, empathize, and help if they can. They are really good at not trying to solve my problems and show that there is infinite love out there. Your course has been a catalyst for me and I am very grateful it is here.


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