Episode 3 – Ask Mark Anything

Topics I cover in this AMA

A few weeks ago, I asked site members to submit and vote for questions they would like me to answer.

I some of the most interesting and upvoted questions in this video. Check out the questions below.

AMA Video: Part 1

  • What don’t I do it? (A bit of a teaser for an answer)
  • How to make fulfilling friendships?
  • How do I know I’m doing/being enough?

AMA Video: Part 2

  • How do you know you’re with the person you should marry?
  • How to switch careers with little/no experience?
  • Where do you find “the one”?
  • How the fuck am I supposed to meet a guy? No, seriously.

AMA Video: Part 3

  • What is currently blowing your mind?
  • How do you know when you’re not giving enough fucks?
  • What’s the line between self-respect and entitlement?
  • How can you “listen to your gut” if you can’t hear it?
  • Why can’t people accept that I, a woman, don’t want kids?

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