Episode 4 – Ask Mark Anything

Check out this free excerpt of the AMA: How can I stay positive about dating in my 30s?



Topics I cover in this AMA

A few weeks ago, I asked site members to submit and vote for questions they would like me to answer.

I cover some of the most interesting and upvoted questions in this video. Check out the topics below.

AMA Video: Part 1

  • Gaining confidence in yourself
  • Getting over jealousy
  • Can we really change?
  • Does promiscuity ruin eventual monogamy?

AMA Video: Part 2

  • Dating apps
  • Dealing with narcissists
  • Passion vs. Practicality
  • Dealing with past abuse, bullying, and intimacy
  • Can we get a reading list?
  • White lies

AMA Video: Part 3

  • Getting better with groups
  • Lazy days and productivity
  • When everyone is a “fuck no”
  • Familial duty
  • Dealing with injustice
  • Breaking a “self-help addiction”
  • Staying positive dating in your 30s
  • Having children

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