To help you with some of the deeper and more serious topics, I’ve compiled these short ebooks. They are free to download. Learn more below.

Life Purpose

Learn how to find greater direction in your life. Discover a life of meaning and purpose and understand why struggle is so central to our sense of fulfillment.

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Personal Values

Our values define who we are. When we feel lost or hurt in our life, it’s often because we’ve identified with the wrong things. Take a deep dive into the psychology of values in this free ebook.

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Most people equate self-discipline to will power. If you just try harder, you should be able to be disciplined, right? Not so. Learn why self-discipline is not a question of knowledge or effort, but rather a question of emotion, in this ebook.

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Love at first sight? Keep attracting people you aren’t interested in? Discover the surprising truth about why your relationships will fail in this free ebook.

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