Do you want to join one of the largest and most-proven creator businesses in the world? Do you want to help millions of people and have a shit-ton of fun while doing it? Good! Then you might be a fit for my team.

Who We are

I’ve been creating content in the personal development niche for over 15 years and have amassed an audience in the tens of millions internationally. But I haven’t done this alone! I’ve relied on a group of smart and talented people from all over the globe to help me get my work in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

We’re a hybrid team spread out all over the world, but principally based in Los Angeles, California. Together, we’re on a mission to deliver practical, useful life advice to as many people as possible and have fun while doing it. In the process, we are building one of the largest and most consistent creator businesses worldwide and believe we will be part of the future of media.

If you’re down to join that mission, take a look at the open positions below:

Current Open Positions

There are currently no open positions.

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    You’ll Be a Good Fit if…

    • You want your work to have a real impact in people’s lives and are motivated by helping others.
    • You love self-improvement and have consumed a lot of content within the personal development genre.
    • You are fascinated by human psychology and what makes us tick.
    • You are creative, spontaneous, and not shy about sharing your ideas.
    • You have a fun sense of humor and don’t always take life too seriously—i.e., you enjoy a good F-Bomb occasionally.
    • You are adaptable. You thrive in an unstructured, creative environment, and love to problem-solve or try new things regularly.
    • You aren’t afraid of failure or taking a chance.
    • You’re passionate about the creator economy and online media and want to be part of this growing and exciting industry.
    • You’re great with technology, social media, file management and know your way around a computer.

    Click on the open position for information on how to apply.