Episode 28: Answering Your Hardest Questions (2 Million Sub Q&A)

May 1, 2024

About the Episode

A week ago, we hit 2M subs on YouTube and 10M podcast downloads, and I promised a special Q&A episode of the pod—which turned out to be more fun than I expected.

Jump in on this celebratory episode, where I rapid fire through some of the most interesting questions sent in by you guys.

Quotes From the Episode

Manifestation is just very consciously leveraging your own cognitive biases in your favor. What worries me is that the narrative around manifestation promotes a narcissistic tendency.
The only good morning routine is having things that you’re excited to work on. That’s it.
I’ve embarrassed myself many times over the years by thinking I was taking a stand, then realizing I was swept up in a distorted moment.

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