Episode 02: 5 Harsh Truths That Can Change Your Life

November 1, 2023

About the Episode

Why is it that the most important truths in life are also the most painful to hear?

In this episode, I discuss five of the most uncomfortable truths that have changed my life and will likely change yours—from human suckage to the cheeriest truth of all… death.

So put your safety harness on, the ride’s about to get bumpy…

Mark Manson Quotes From the Episode

The most significant contribution of psych research over the past 30 years is discovering all the ways that we are horribly, horribly flawed.
Humans are not optimized for truth, we’re optimized for self-preservation.
Everyone’s gonna die one day, and many are gonna die much sooner than you expect. So really cherish the moments you have.

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