Episode 35: Special Forces Vet Explains: Building Resilience and Breaking World Records (ft. Dean Stott)

June 19, 2024

About the Episode

After a catastrophic parachuting accident ended his military career in the British Special Forces, Dean Stott couldn’t just retire to a quiet life. Instead, he decided to shatter boundaries in entirely new fields.

These days, when Dean isn’t prepping to beat another world record, like a 14,000-mile bike ride in less than 100 days, he’s jet-setting around the world rescuing civilians and diplomats alike from war zones.

In this episode, Dean shares his unique approach to overcoming adversity, managing risk, and staying mentally tough in the most challenging situations. We explore his fascinating experiences from war-torn countries to royal security and the psychological benefits of meticulous planning and mission-driven thinking. Dean also offers a glimpse into how he balances extreme challenges with a grounded personal life.


Quotes From the Episode

The best course of action is action itself.
I’m either going to do this or I’m dead. There’s no contingency. That’s the mindset you need for success.
You get respect because you take the risk, you come here, you sit across the table from them.
Respect and fair wages go a long way.

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