Episode 10: How to Enjoy Doing Hard Things (ft. Ali Abdaal)

December 27, 2023

About the Episode

It’s easy to assume that the hustle culture or “the grind” is all about pain and suffering. But as you’ll learn today, this simply isn’t true.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Ali Abdaal, a former medical doctor turned YouTuber and author of the new book, *Feel-Good Productivity.* Ali has attracted millions of global followers to his ideas on productivity and working because he’s managed to do what others have not: actually make it fun. It turns out that finding ways to make your work fun doesn’t just make you hate your life less, it actually makes you more productive.

Ali Abdaal Quotes From the Episode

I define productivity in a much more holistic sense. To me, productivity is using your time in a way that’s intentional, effective, and enjoyable.
The first three years of medical school you don’t see any patients. You have no real contact with real people. You’re just in the books, learning the science, memorizing tedious pathways. Finding a way to make it fun was the real hack for me.
Going from okay to great is about finding the right chess moves rather than working harder.

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