Trailer: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

October 25, 2023

That’s right—I’ve (finally) got a podcast

I know, I know. People have been asking me for years, “Hey Mark, why don’t you have a podcast?” And every time I answer them, “Because I don’t give a fuck.” And then they laugh awkwardly, and I die a little bit inside wondering if I will ever finally get away from using the same lame joke 8,213 times before I die.

Anyway, midlife crisis aside, I am launching my podcast a week from today, November 1st. It will be weekly. It will feature episodes with guests and episodes of just myself. And it will be shockingly awesome. Prepare yourself.

Click on one of the platform links below to listen to the trailer. Get subscribed on your favorite podcast-listening app. Tell your friends and get ready like you’re eight years old and it’s almost Christmas, because Fat Santa Mark is coming down your chimney and delivering truth bombs in your ear holes.

Ho ho ho and shit. Merry podcastmas, fuckers.



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