The 6 Best Books on Creativity

Here’s my list of the best 6 books on creativity, in no particular order.

  1. Big Magic by Elizabeth GilbertBig Magic is a book that encourages readers to embrace their creativity and to let go of fear and perfectionism in order to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Gilbert shares personal anecdotes and wisdom on how to tap into the magic of creativity and to find joy in the creative process.
  2. Bird by Bird by Anne LamottBird by Bird is a writing guide that aims to help writers overcome common struggles and find their voice through the writing process. It offers practical advice and encouragement for writers of all levels, using personal anecdotes and humor to illustrate its points.
  3. Originals by Adam GrantOriginals is a book that explores how individuals and organizations can drive progress by being original and taking risks. It provides practical advice and real-life examples of how to cultivate and implement creative ideas and make meaningful change in various fields and industries.
  4. Dream Teams by Shane SnowDream Teams is a book that examines the science behind why certain groups of people work exceptionally well together and how to create and foster those types of teams. It looks at the characteristics that make a team successful, such as diversity, psychological safety, and clear goals and roles.
  5. The Artist’s Way by Julia CameronThe Artist’s Way guides readers through a program of artistic self-discovery and self-care, using various exercises and techniques to help artists overcome creative blocks and find their unique voice. The book offers a holistic approach to creativity, encouraging readers to embrace their inner artist and nurture their creative potential.
  6. Steal Like an Artist by Austin KleonSteal Like an Artist is a book that encourages readers to embrace their creativity and borrow inspiration from others in order to create something new and unique. The book offers practical tips and advice for those seeking to tap into their creative potential and make a mark in their chosen field.

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