Like the local drunk spent too much time in the philosophy section of the bookstore.

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Discover the Strange Reason Why the Better Everything Gets, the More Upset and Angry We All Become

Ever wonder why greater connectivity seems to make everyone just hate each other more? Ever wonder why the news always seems so depressing? Ever wonder why people are seemingly becoming more anxious and miserable despite life getting easier?

Well, buckle up bitches, Uncle Mark is taking you for another ride. Just like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck questioned our conventional wisdom on what makes us happy, Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope questions our assumptions on what makes life worth living.

So what are you waiting for?

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    What Smart People Are Saying

    Praise for ‘Everything Is F*cked’

    Mark Manson continues to break down questions about human happiness and well-being in creative and unexpected ways. The result is a wonderfully accessible book that tackles some of the deeper questions about where our world is headed, as well as how to take better care of ourselves (and each other) until we get there.

    Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD
    Professor of Psychology at Columbia University, author, and host of The Psychology Podcast

    Mark Manson is a master of thought-provoking and counterintuitive insights. His easy-to-read style will have you turning pages for hours.

    James Clear
    #1 New York Times bestselling author of Atomic Habits

    Just because everything appears to be a mess doesn’t mean you have to be one. Mark Manson’s book is a call to arms for a better life and better world and could not be more needed right now.

    Ryan Holiday
    #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Stillness Is the Key, The Obstacle Is the Way, and Ego Is the Enemy

    Mark Manson has succeeded in explaining a crazy world to an entire generation by invoking hard science, moral philosophy, and gobs of hilarious wit. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, question your beliefs, and (hopefully) change your life.

    Nir Eyal
    Bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

    Mark provides an antidote to our era of spiritual malaise with a much-needed tincture of laughter, practical advice and philosophical wisdom. His counterintuitive insight will keep a three-bourbon smile on your face the whole time you’re reading it.

    Eric Barker
    Bestselling author of Barking Up the Wrong Tree

    While we’re all afraid of the evils in the world, Mark Manson shows us how to avoid the dark side in ourselves. A witty and enlightening book that we all need to read before throwing in the towel.

    Shane Parrish
    Founder of Farnam Street and Host of The Knowledge Project Podcast

    Why You Should Read a Book About Hope

    We live in an interesting time. Materially, everything is the best it’s ever been—we are freer, healthier and wealthier than any people in human history. Yet, somehow everything seems to be irreparably and horribly f*cked—the planet is warming, governments are failing, economies are collapsing, and everyone is perpetually offended on Twitter. At this moment in history, when we have access to technology, education and communication our ancestors couldn’t even dream of, so many of us come back to an overriding feeling of hopelessness.

    Everthing Is F*cked draws from mountains of psychological research, as well as the timeless wisdom of philosophers such as Plato and Nietzsche, to dissect religion and politics and the uncomfortable ways they have come to resemble one another. It looks at our relationships with money, entertainment and the internet, and how too much of a good thing can psychologically eat us alive. It openly defies our definitions of faith, happiness, freedom—and even of hope itself.

    With a mix of erudition and where-the-fuck-did-that-come-from humor, Everything Is F*cked takes us by the collar and challenges us to be more honest with ourselves and connected with the world in ways we probably haven’t considered before. It’s another counterintuitive romp through the pain in our hearts and the stress on our soul. A book that will continue to set the agenda for years to come.

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    Download a free chapter of Everything is Fucked: A Book About Hope, my #1 New York Times bestselling book

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