Love Is Not Enough – The Audiobook

Mark Manson - Love Is Not Enough Audiobook - Cover

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How to not F*ck Up Your Love Life

“From the man who practically invented the swear-word-laden book title comes a decidedly unbookish release dedicated to helping people make better choices about their love lives. What results feels like an “if they mated” love child of the best relationship advice columns and self dev podcasts. Love is Not Enough Comes to life as Manson works through real-life romantic (and not-so-romantic) quandaries with people ranging from a serial-tinder-dater to a twice-divorced intimacy-phobe to someone in a three-year affair with a man she met at work. I’d be lying if I said that voyeurism wasn’t part of the appeal of this liste—which allows you to be a fly on the wall during these very candid conversations—but sprinkled throughout are Mark’s on-point observations and subtle (!) instructions on how to f-up your life by making bad decisions about who to pair off with.”

– Courtney Reimer – Audible Editor