Does Fear Control You?

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    Two things for you to think about

    Fear doesn’t control us by dominating our emotions. It controls us by quietly convincing us that our comfort is more important than happiness.

    The only real risk is taking no risks. The only real failure is having no failures. The only real pain is the avoidance of pain.

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    Two things for you to ask yourself

    When in your life have you chosen comfort over happiness? Are you choosing comfort over happiness right now? What have been the repercussions of that choice?

    Who would you be if you felt no need to stay comfortable and safe? How would your life be different today?

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    One thing for you to try this week

    What is something you can do this week that is both uncomfortable yet good for you? Try it and see what happens.

    It could be something as big as ending a bad relationship or as small as getting yourself to exercise for twenty minutes. But do it and note how it makes you feel about yourself—not how it makes you feel, but how it makes you feel about how you feel.

    (Note: I call these ‘meta-emotions’ and wrote an article about them here.)

    Ideally, it feels bad but makes you feel good about having felt bad. This is the sweet spot. This is where we want to live. This is who we want to be.

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    Obviously, this is an experiment. And it may fail spectacularly.

    But it’s an important enough idea that I am comfortable with that potential failure. In that way, I feel good about the prospect of feeling bad. That’s the sweet spot. And I’m living in it.

    Until next week,

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