How to Fix Your Life

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    Two things for you to think about

    It is impossible to ruin your life.

    If you are able to think then you are able to make different choices. If you are able to make different choices, you are able to improve. If you are able to improve, with enough time, you are able to overcome anything.

    Reflect: Then consider sharing this thought with others.

    Two things for you to ask yourself

    Is there something in your life that you have allowed yourself to believe is impossible to fix?

    Often, the trick to dealing with an irreparable part of your life is to stop trying to repair it and instead focus on building something elsewhere.

    Where else could you find happiness?

    Recommended: Use these as journaling prompts for the week.

    One thing for you to try this week

    Shame is past-obsessed. One way of overcoming shame is to become future-obsessed.

    Stop focusing on what’s broken. Instead, focus on what can be built. For one week, focus on what you can add to your life: a new hobby, a new friend, a new skill. Then go make an effort to add it. Pay attention to how that feels. Then let me know how it goes.

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    Last week’s breakthroughs

    Last week’s email asked you to take back control of your life, to decide who you want to be. We had some real badasses last week. Check it out.

    Luke and several others did the unthinkable… they deleted Instagram:

    I permanently deleted my Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts a while ago and never looked back. However, I still kept Instagram. I just couldn’t let go even though I know it’s bad for my mental health…

    On average, we spend roughly 2.5 hours a day on social media, which equates to 38 days of being on social media per year, which is 10% of your entire year! My thought process was simple, “What else could I focus on and accomplish with 38 extra days per year?” So last night I decided to take a much-needed break from Instagram.

    The funny part of this whole thing is I deleted it off my phone last night. Now look at me, I’m responding to a newsletter, talk about being bored already! Ha! But in all seriousness, I’ve never done this before, but now that I have time to do it, it feels great.

    Less scrolling. More living!

    And here’s Judith who’s also taking control over her attention:

    Netflix is my guilty pleasure which wasn’t even giving me that much pleasure. I was binge-watching poor quality shows. This was taking me away from reading. I’ve signed out and deleted my account. I’m excited about getting around to reading everything that’s been on my wish list for a while.

    On a more romantic note, Steven finally grabbed the reins of his love life last week:

    I’ve never been in a romantic relationship before and I’ve always played it safe and never gambled with someone I’ve cared about. Today, I finally had the balls to tell one of my closest friends and coworker how I felt about her and my true feelings. I feel so relieved now just getting it off my chest because life is too short. She said that she also had feelings but she’s in a relationship for 3 years so she clearly still loves her boyfriend, but at least I had the balls to go for it and I’m really proud of myself.

    Finally, last week we heard from Dan who’s practicing being a non-smoker. His story is already inspiring others, like Adi:

    Holy shit, that story just broke my brain. Instead of cutting back or quitting alcohol, I’m going to “practice being a non-drinker.” Every social opportunity is now an opportunity to practice. That was a big insight, thank you

    I, too, have decided to practice being a non-drinker. Last year, I cut back on alcohol drastically and felt so good that this year, I’ve challenged myself to go the entire year without a drink. So, I’m there, on the front lines with you guys. Keep ‘em coming.

    As always, send your breakthroughs by simply replying to this email. Let me know if you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

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