How to Stop Being Weak

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    One thing for you to think about

    Being an asshole is a weak person’s idea of strength. Complaining is their connection.

    Reflect: Then consider sharing this thought with others.

    Two things for you to ask yourself

    Do you overcompensate with negativity? If so, how’s that working for you?

    Recommended: Use these as journaling prompts for the week.

    One thing for you to try this week

    Stop complaining for the week. I know, it’s fucking hard. But do it. No complaining. No talking shit about people. For one week. You can do it. I believe in you.

    Remember: Small changes lead to lasting breakthroughs. Reply to this email and let me know how it went for you.

    New This Week

    How to Accomplish Far More While Working Less (ft. Cal Newport) – What if there was a way to accomplish meaningful work—without the associated relationship breakdowns or stress? What if “making an impact” didn’t require massive amounts of energy or sacrifice?

    In this podcast episode, I talk to professor and bestselling author Cal Newport about how knowledge work has got it all wrong. We discuss the subtle dangers of remote/digital work and the key to avoiding burnout, all while still being able to grind on the things you love. If you’re a stressed out, overworked remote worker, this one is for you. Check it out.

    Last week’s breakthroughs

    In last week’s newsletter, I asked you to do something you’ve doubted your ability to do, and see if you end up surprising yourself. Turns out this was exactly what Rach needed to hear:

    I’m at the foothill of a steep learning curve in my career, and it’s definitely holding me back. The weirdest part is that I’m faced with the very thing I’ve always wanted (seat at the table, setting the creative direction of the department) but the doubt is killing any momentum I have to get started. So, your email is timely.

    I am just going to do what I can, with the skills that I’ve got because it’s better than the stagnant feeling of not doing anything at all.

    While Laura took the first step in investing after a lifetime of self-doubt:

    I’ve always doubted I could learn how to invest, despite being an absolute champion at budgeting and a life-long on-time bill payer.

    Between various colleagues sneering at a woman understanding finances and various exes affectionately but patronizingly doing the same, I don’t think I had the confidence to even try.

    Today I signed myself up on a micro-investing app after doing research on the best one. I’m well aware the worst that can happen is I’ll lose money, but it’s not my life savings and, like any other finance-related activity I’ve done, I’m treating it like an experiment and only using what I can afford.

    Still surprised I let myself wait so long to even try! This feels amazing.

    Dump most of your money into low-cost index funds and then just try not to touch it—that’s my quick and dirty two cents (which you may now invest).

    Our last reader shared their success story of pushing through doubt, as well as a valuable lesson for us all:

    A year ago I lost my job and used the time to try something I’d spent years daydreaming about: writing a TV series pitch deck. I had zero clue how to make it or even what to do with it once completed. I doubted myself so much simply because I didn’t know where to start so I avoided it. But I slowly figured it out by taking the first step of watching YouTube videos on how to make a Keynote deck.

    Fast forward to this week, I just brought on a Sundance-winning script writer and director who fell in love with my pitch deck who I got connected with through a family friend. I have zero clue where this will lead but if you told me a year ago I’d be in this position I would’ve laughed.

    I learned a valuable lesson: no one has anything figured out until they do.

    And even then, most of us are still winging it. Congrats and good luck!

    As always, send your breakthroughs by simply replying to this email. Let me know if you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

    Until next week,

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