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Exclusive Articles

As a member, you get access to all the exclusive articles I've written. See the latest exclusive articles below. To check out all articles (and videos) you can always visit the archive.


Below you can also download all ebooks that are included in the subscription.

The ebooks are available in PDF (good for reading on bigger screens), EPUB (can be opened on most mobile devices) and Mobi (can be opened on Kindle readers and devices).

Note: To avoid opening the files in the browser, right-click and choose "Save as".

  • The Happiness Ebook (PDF | Mobi | ePub)

    Discover the research behind why trying to be happier can actually backfire. Happiness doesn’t function the way we expect it to, and ironically, often the more we pursue it, the further away from it we become.

  • The Self-Knowledge Ebook (PDF | Mobi | ePub)

    Beliefs are powerful. They not only affect us, but also our success in the world. This ebook contains three ideas to help you observe your mind and question your beliefs: "Your Two Minds", "Believe What's Helpful, Not What's True", and "The Prime Belief".

  • The Habits Ebook (PDF | Mobi | ePub)

    Making/breaking habits is possibly the most important life skill. Habits underlie the vast majority of our behaviors, our decision-making and our successes. You can change them. Learn how in this ebook.

  • The Relationships Ebook (PDF | Mobi | ePub)

    Relationships can be complicated and difficult. In this 28-page ebook I go deep into our emotional needs in relationships, the needs of our partners, conflict, and how to resolve it.

  • 3 Ideas to Change Your Life Ebook (PDF | Mobi | Epub)

    This ebook's contents overlap with the Self-Knowledge ebook, but it contains one new, very useful idea: "How to 80/20 Your Life".


Over the years, I’ve constructed interactive online courses to help people with specific problems they face in their lives. The courses cover the same themes of the blog and books but they dig much deeper and give you specific exercises and goals to pursue in your day-to-day life.

If you read my articles and love the material but are unsure of how to apply it in your life, then the courses are a good solution for you.

The Build a Better Life Course: How to Change Your Life

The Build a Better Life Course

6 written exercises. To start kicking ass in your life.

Years ago, I stumbled upon a system for evaluating my life and making the necessary changes to get me on course to where I wanted to be. When I started using this system over a decade ago, I was penniless and living on my friend’s couch. Now, I can honestly say, I’m living the life of my dreams. I created this course so you can use that same system to make lasting, big changes in your life too. It’s nothing new or revolutionary by any means. It’s actually quite simple—though not always easy—but it does work. And that’s what’s important.

Creating lasting, positive change in your life can seem like a daunting task. We often see all these big, hairy, insurmountable obstacles in front of us and so we’re easily overwhelmed just thinking about all the things we need to do to take our lives from where they are now to where we want them to be. But before you finish a thousand-mile journey, you have to travel the first three feet in front of you. This course helps you figure out what you want out of your life, gets you to take those first steps towards making it a reality, and then guides you the rest of the way to the life you want to live.

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The Connection Course

The Connection Course

11 video lessons with exercises. To converse and connect better.

The Connection Course improves your social skills and helps you learn to connect with others in a deeper and more meaningful way. People who use the Connection Course see improvements in their interactions with new people they meet, but they also improve current relationships in their lives by being able to connect with the people close to them in a more significant way.

This course covers shyness/introversion, improving conversational skills, storytelling, dynamism and humor, as well as creating emotional connections.

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Overcome Anxiety Course

The Overcome Anxiety Course

8 video lessons with exercises. To learn about and overcome anxiety.

At some point in our lives, we all have a debilitating anxiety that is holding us back. The Overcome Anxiety Course is a simple applicable process to help you work through your fears and start getting results quickly.

Learn about the origins of anxiety, your defense mechanisms, applying progressive desensitization and other strategies to help you cope with insecurities.

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Dating and Relationships

The Dating and Relationships Course

10 video lessons with exercises. To improve your relationships.

I get dozens of emails every day about relationship problems and this course is packed with answers. Whether you're single and still looking for someone special or you're already in a relationship that you feel could be better, the Dating and Relationships Course provides you with the tools you need to create the intimacy you want in your life.

The course covers communication styles, values, compatibility, generating trust, and dealing with potential conflicts and break ups.

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Blogging and Writing Course Icon

The Blogging and Writing Course

Collection of articles, videos and audios about writing and blogging.

Over the years, I’ve recorded videos, written articles, and created content geared around helping people with their blogging and writing, yet I’ve never put them in the same place.

Until now…

This course contains hours worth of advice on everything from how to make your sentences flow better, to crafting a social media strategy so your content gets shared more often. I’ve spent the last 10 years building my blog and creating a career for myself as a successful writer. And below is most of the advice I’ve come up with.

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Escape Plan: The Long-term Travel Course

Escape Plan: The Long-Term Travel Course

9 long, written lessons with exercises. To travel, long-term, well-prepared.

If you've ever thought about traveling the world for an extended period of time but thought you had to wait until retirement or have a huge pile of money saved up right now, this course will show just how wrong you are.

I spent 7 years traveling around the world, living in some of the most beautiful places on the planet, eating at fancy restaurants, meeting interesting people from all over the the world...all for less than you probably pay to live in your city now.

This course walks you through all the steps you need to start traveling long term—everything from booking cheap flights, to making a living while you travel, to connecting with people abroad, and to using travel as a tool for personal growth. You'll create your very own Escape Plan that's tailored to your specific budget and travel goals.

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Article Audios and Article Commentaries

As you may or may not know, I record audio versions of each article, as well as audio commentaries to most articles.

In the audio archive you can both stream and download all article audios and commentaries.

  • Click here to go to the audio archive.
  • Note: As a member you can also stream both audios to a specific article on the article page itself. To do that, you click on the Audio or Commentary buttons in the header that appears while you read an article.

    Would you rather listen on a different platform? The public article audios can also be found on the following platforms:

    Audio Commentaries to my Books

    I have recorded in-depth commentaries to both of my books for site members. I talk about how the books came to be, the process of writing them, and I go through the books chapter by chapter, discussing the various ideas and how I view them now.

    These audios can also be streamed on the site or downloaded to your device.


    Most of the video content on the site can be found in the video courses below, but I also regularly record bonus videos for members. In these videos, I usually answer questions that readers most often ask me. Take a look.

    • Ask Mark Anything

      Once every few months I answer your questions on video in an AMA video.

      As a member, you can submit your own questions here and you can view all the current questions and vote on them here. Be sure to take a look, and also sort questions from new to old, so that good new questions can get some love.

      Here are all AMAs so far:

      • AMA: Episode 1: I cover a lot of topics in this AMA: balancing ambition vs contentment, nihilism, polyamory and the ethics of sexual relationships, building confidence/self-esteem, sexism and racism, how the success of the book has and has not changed things for me, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 2: This AMA covers everything from what I do when I think the world is a steaming pile of shit, to compatibility issues in relationships, to a clarification about the law of “fuck yes or no”, to neediness, to more thoughts on nihilism, to monogamy, to modern masculinity, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 3: I’m back in this AMA with some thoughts on making new friendships, figuring out when/if you should get married, switching careers, how the actual fuck to find a someone to be with, what’s blowing my mind at the moment, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 4: In this one I talk about gaining confidence in yourself, overcoming jealousy, dealing with narcissists, white lies, productivity, having children, dealing with past abuse and bullying, and much more.
      • AMA: Episode 5: I talk about my marriage (guest-starring my wife!), what to pursue in life, when to give up, what it feels like to have found your purpose, Jordan Peterson, my top 5 movies, the books I'm writing, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 6: A new round of AMA questions, about how to choose a partner, coping with averageness, limiting beliefs, my opinion on social media, how I would start a writing career today, and much more.
      • AMA: Episode 7: I cover dealing with “demons,” whether or not you should specialize in your career/life, red flags vs manageable shortcomings in friends/partners, forgiveness, yet another question on monogamy, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 8: I dive into some questions on dealing with the anxiety of regret, internal vs external validation, reconciling “fuck yes” with my philosophy of not completely trusting yourself, toxic family relationships, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 9: I answer reader questions about high standards in dating, good social habits, work-life balance, the usefulness of day dreaming, texting a romantic partner, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 10: I tackle four questions in a little more depth in this round of AMAs. I covered why I committed to my wife, changing your attachment style, keeping your sex life interesting in marriage, and sexual assault and the #MeToo movement.
      • AMA: Episode 11: In this AMA I answer 10 questions from quarantine, on topics ranging from what the fuck chemistry is, what a day in the life of a writer looks like, whether dating is harder for men or women, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 12: Eight new videos in this AMA, where I talk about self-love, over-intellectualization, whether exes can be friends, stoicism, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 13: Nine brand-new videos this time, where I answer questions on whether chemistry and romance can be created, living in the moment, choosing the best books to read, dealing with feelings of inferiority, and more.
      • AMA: Episode 14: Eleven new videos. About dealing with feeling embarrassed. Distinguishing emotional manipulation from your own insecurities. Figuring out what you want in a partner. Dealing with toxic family members… and a lot more.
      • AMA: Episode 15: This time I talk about everything from feeling lost in life, lacking passion, books about healthy boundaries, understanding sex and intimacy needs, fucked up people in self-help, and much more.
    • 3 Core Components of a Healthy Relationship

      A look at what I believe to be the three fundamental components of keeping a relationship healthy and happy. I look at how these three components break down, as well as how to rebuild them when things go wrong.

    • My Writing Process

      In this video I explain how I write my articles. I go into how I come up with the ideas for articles, the process of writing them, all the way to publishing them on the site.

    • Brilliant or Bullshit: MBTI Personality Tests

      I go over what the Myers-Briggs system is and whether I think it's amazing or bullshit. Is it science or a fancy horoscope? I get asked about this a lot by readers, and I go into all these questions.