Episode 20: 6 Things to Stop Doing in 2024 (to Change Your Life)

March 6, 2024

About the Episode

What if the answer isn’t to do more? What if the answer is to want less?

I’ve always believed that subtracting from your life can produce better results than trying to add something. Generally, quitting a bad habit, or a bad mindset, or anything distracting will have a bigger impact on your life than learning more.

This episode covers a few things I think we should stop doing to live a better life.


Mark Manson Quotes From the Episode

I like that feeling of looking at myself five or ten years ago and cringing a little bit. If you’re 40 you should look at your 30-year-old self and be like, my God, what was I thinking? Because that’s a signifier that you’ve grown.
We don’t always have good days. We have very complicated lives. It’s not always our best selves showing up, whereas on Instagram it is everybody’s best self all the time, all day, every day. It invites comparison to a caricature. It doesn’t invite comparison to an actual real human being.
I think a lot of times our intense motivation to change people around us is born out of avoiding some sort of change that we need to be making in ourselves.
If somebody is emotionally unavailable to you, you should be unavailable to them. You should leave and go find somebody else.

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