Episode 24: Why It’s So Hard to Make Friends as an Adult

April 3, 2024

About the Episode

Making friends is hard, and unfortunately, as you get older, it gets harder.

In this episode, we look at research behind friendships, plus the complicating factors people experience in making new friends as they get older.

And for anyone struggling with their social lives, we share practical tips on how to meet and keep new friends.

Enjoy and, good luck out there.

Mark Manson Quotes From the Episode

Everybody is starting at the same place. But they’re all walking in different directions. And so your pool of people that you’re going to relate to, that you’re going to share values and interests with, who are going to understand your lifestyle, who are going to be of similar financial security or insecurity—that pool shrinks and it becomes more difficult to find those people.
You go through seasons with people. Maybe you spend one decade super close and then the next decade you grow apart, and then you come back together.
I have found throughout my life that it is hard to predict which friendships stick and which ones don’t. But when I look at the ones that stuck, a lot of them have been very generous to me over the years.

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