Episode 07: The Dark Side of Always Saying Yes (ft. Matt from Yes Theory)

December 6, 2023

About the Episode

In 2021, Matt from Yes Theory, one of YouTube’s biggest channels, revealed he was quitting the platform.

Despite being an internet celebrity, Matt’s story is a common one—about someone who gave away too much of themselves to be liked by others, and now desperately trying to get themselves back. In this episode, Matt and I unpack this familiar dilemma, as well as covering topics like codependence, managing success, dealing with parasocial relationships, determining when vulnerability goes too far, and much more.

Matt Dahlia Quotes From the Episode

I was washing dishes at 22, and at 24 we’re gaining hundreds of thousands of followers. It’s the first actual success of my life.
I’m 31 now, but holy shit, I’m still like 19-year-old Matt.
It’s like big wave surfing. The last thing you want to do is jump off.
Put the phone away. Be present. This is living.

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