Episode 18: 6 Important Truths No One Likes to Hear

February 21, 2024

About the Episode

The most important truths in life are the ones we don’t like to hear.

In fact, I managed to make an entire career out of sharing these types of truths because the stuff we don’t like hearing is often what we *need* to hear the most.

In this episode I have a lot of fun going through—one by one—six nuggets of wisdom, designed to make us all less awful humans. So saddle up bitches, I’m here to break hearts today.

Mark Manson Quotes From the Episode

There’s no secret workout plan. There’s no diet that’s been handed down from the heavens that will get you to your six-pack Elysium. Just show up and fucking lift some weights every day. It’s really that simple.
If we’re very upset, we tend to assume that the thing that’s going to fix that for us must also be very big when that’s not always the case. Sometimes we get very upset over little things because we’re human and we’re stupid. It’s important to remind ourselves of that.
Boundaries are the manifestation of our self-worth.
A good relationship is just consistently doing the small things—cleaning up the dishes when your partner cooked, complimenting them on their outfit, asking if they’re feeling okay if they seem down. It’s these hygienic behaviors that add up over a long period of time to create a huge amount of intimacy and trust and respect.
Ultimately, what generates a sense of meaning in our lives is the perception of overcoming struggles.

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