Episode 04: How to Know When to End a Relationship

November 15, 2023

About the Episode

How do you know when it’s time to end a relationship?

If you’ve ever been through a rough patch, you know this is a painful question to answer. Do you stick it out? Do you cut the cord and run? Do you sacrifice more to make it work? Do you demand your partner give up everything and run away to Fiji and live happily ever after?

These are the hard questions we’re going to answer today.

To help us figure this out, I’m going to be roasting viewers’ relationships with their partners. I’m going to go over five real-world examples sent in from you, fans struggling with their relationships, and in the process I’m going to share the three questions we must all ask ourselves to figure out if it’s time to break up or if you should stick it out.

So get your hot sauce ready, because shit’s about to get spicy. Maybe even have your partner join you for this one. It could be fun… or it could ruin your marriage.

There’s only one way to find out. Let’s hit it.

Mark Manson Quotes From the Episode

A healthy relationship is about values and behaviors. An unhealthy relationship is about feelings.
Compromise isn’t about making everyone happy, compromise is making sure nobody is miserable.
A lot of people don’t love who their partner is, they love who their partner could be or used to be.
The best way to make your partner a better person is to be a better person yourself.

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