Over the years, I’ve constructed interactive online courses to help people with specific problems they face in their lives. The courses cover the same themes of the blog and books but they dig much deeper and give you specific exercises and goals to pursue in your day-to-day life.

If you read my articles and love the material but are unsure of how to apply it in your life, then the courses are a good solution for you.

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The Connection Course

The Connection Course

The Connection Course improves your social skills and helps you learn to connect with others in a deeper and more meaningful way. People who use the Connection Course see improvements in their interactions with new people they meet, but they also improve current relationships in their lives by being able to connect with the people close to them in a more significant way. Covers shyness/introversion, improving conversational skills, storytelling, dynamism and humor, as well as creating emotional connections.

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Overcome Anxiety Course

The Overcome Anxiety Course

At some point in our lives, we all have a debilitating anxiety that is holding us back. The Overcome Anxiety Course is a simple applicable process to help you work through your fears and start getting results quickly. Learn about the origins of anxiety, your defense mechanisms, applying progressive desensitization and other strategies to help you cope with insecurities.

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Dating and Relationships

The Dating and Relationships Course

I get dozens of emails every day about relationship problems and this course is packed with answers. Whether you’re single and still looking for someone special or you’re already in a relationship that you feel could be better, the Dating and Relationships Course provides you with the tools you need to create the intimacy you want in your life. Covers communication styles, values, compatibility, generating trust, and dealing with potential conflicts and break ups.

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Blogging and Writing Course Icon

The Blogging and Writing Course

Over the years, I’ve recorded videos, written articles, and created content geared around helping people with their blogging and writing, yet I’ve never put them in the same place.

Until now…

This course contains hours worth of advice on everything from how to make your sentences flow better, to crafting a social media strategy so your content gets shared more often. I’ve spent the last 10 years building my blog and creating a career for myself as a successful writer. And below is most of the advice I’ve come up with.

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Escape Plan: The Long-term Travel Course

Escape Plan: The Long-Term Travel Course

If you’ve ever thought about traveling the world for an extended period of time but thought you had to wait until retirement or have a huge pile of money saved up right now, this course will show just how wrong you are.

I spent 7 years traveling around the world, living in some of the most beautiful places on the planet, eating at fancy restaurants, meeting interesting people from all over the the world…all for less than you probably pay to live in your city now.

This course walks you through all the steps you need to start traveling long term—everything from booking cheap flights, to making a living while you travel, to connecting with people abroad, and to using travel as a tool for personal growth. You’ll create your very own Escape Plan that’s tailored to your specific budget and travel goals.

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