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Build a Better Life

Create an actionable plan to finally live the life you’ve always wanted.


Take on life's most important challenges and live with tenacity and purpose.

Emotional Mastery

Get a better handle on your emotions and channel them more productively in your life.

Finding Purpose

Find a purpose that gives your life meaning and start taking action on the things most important to you.

Healthy Relationships

Find out why your relationships all fail or succeed in the way they do—and what you can do about it.

Challenging Beliefs

Dig deep into your beliefs and figure out if they're helping or hurting you in life.

Bonus Courses

Social Connection

Learn how to connect more deeply with the people in your life, one conversation at a time.

Healthy Dating

Get a solid grasp on the principles that make for a successful dating life and fulfilling relationships.

Overcoming Anxiety

Get down to the root of your anxieties and learn to overcome them, one painful step at a time.