Episode 31: How Modern Dating Became Such a Dumpster Fire (ft. Sadia Khan)

May 22, 2024

About the Episode

Let’s be honest: the modern dating landscape is a shit show. From declining marriage rates and rising infidelity to the nightmare of using dating apps—it’s brutal out there.

With all these supposedly “easy” ways to meet new people, why are the people who want long-term, stable relationships so fed up with the dating world?

I invited dating and relationships coach Sadia Khan on the pod to discuss how the skills we use to excel in modern dating often sabotage long-term happiness.

Sadia brings a refreshing, thought-provoking perspective to the conversation that will help you navigate the complexities of today’s dating world. We dive into the role of self-esteem in successful relationships, the pitfalls of modern dating advice, and the skewed expectations shaped by social media, dating apps, and pornography.


Sadia Khan Quotes From the Episode

We’re going into relationships looking at what we can access from them rather than what we can contribute to them.
By dehumanizing both men and women, we’re creating a dating environment where connection is lost and objectification thrives.
Make your type how you get treated by that person, not just a decision based on looks or superficial traits.
Men and women struggle to make friends with the opposite gender because they don’t know how to stop sexualizing them.
It’s actually in the acceptance of your partner’s flaws that you find most of the intimacy, that you unlock the closeness. It’s seeing the shortcomings and loving them anyway.
Without self-esteem, not only will you not be able to receive love, but you don’t give it correctly.
The real strength of boundaries comes with your willingness to teach people how to truly love you, not play mind games.

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