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Look, you’re probably wondering, “What the fuck am I doing on this page?” I know, I’m wondering the same thing. Nobody wanted this page here. It just kinda happened. So let’s get this over with.

Here’s the thing. I’m an independent writer. What that means is that I don’t answer to an editor, or big media conglomerate. I don’t have to sell ads or beg for airtime. I write stuff. You read it. It’s that simple.

Now, I’m very fortunate to be in this position. But it’s not an accident. I’m not some hedge fund brat with nothing better to do with my time than read books and write funny stuff. Daddy never bought me a Ferrari and I don’t have some shady backdoor business like selling crack to schoolchildren or, even worse, selling supplements on the internet.

I have you. My readers. People who love what I do enough that they’re willing to help me keep being able to do it.

There’s no middle man here. I write stuff you like. Then I say, “Uhh, hey, mind giving me enough money to eat food?” And then amazing people like you do. Because you’re awesome and you like to see amazing, independently-published, no bullshit articles online that change your life in some real way. So you think to yourself, “Hey yeah, this guy Mark deserves a burrito,” and then you give me enough money to go buy half a burrito.

That’s how it works, and that’s kind of how it should work. I imagine.

But, this isn’t a donation trip. No, I don’t believe a writer should grovel for money. Yes, you are supporting my work. But let’s not forget, I’m doing what I’m best at and what I love the most too. I’m offering something of value — and I’m sweetening the bargain.

Become a subscriber and you will get:

  • Online courses and video library. Once upon a time, I had a number of professionally-made online courses for things such as anxiety, social skills and relationships. Subscribers get access to their content, as well as the new Blogging & Writing Course and a number of bonus videos I’ve created over the years.
  • Unlimited access to articles and all content on the site. You’ll get a bunch of articles in the archive that are for subscribers only. These are niche articles where I dive deep on specific topics or answer readers questions.
  • The audio archive with all audios on one page, with both streaming and download links.​ In the audio archive members can stream all article audios and commentaries in one place. Each audio also has a download link, so that you can listen to them anywhere, in any way you like.
  • Access to audio commentary for articles on the site. Learn the inspiration research and funny back stories that went into writing some of the most popular articles on the site.
  • Exclusive events and meet-ups in the future. Going forward, I will likely host meet-ups in major cities for subscribers when I’m there. It’ll be a cool chance to meet face-to-face and to meet other like-minded people who enjoy the ideas on the site.
  • One day, I will buy a subscriber a taco. I don’t know who it will be, or where, or when, but hey, it could be you!

So if you’ve ever liked or shared an article of mine. If you’ve ever read something and thought, “Holy cow turds, that’s amazing!” If something I’ve written has ever saved you from a headache, a divorce, or imminent death. Consider throwing me a few bucks.

That’s all it is. A few bucks to feed Mark and make Mark write more Mark things. It allows me to keep doing what I do best. And it keeps things simple. No middle man. No ads. No bullshit. Just me yammering on and you reading and (hopefully) liking it.

So click the big, shiny sign up button and welcome aboard.

(Taco not included.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I give more than the base $4 a month?
A: Of course! In fact, the more you give, the more likely I am to randomly appear at your house and ask to sleep in your garage. Everybody wins! But seriously, I’m flattered and honored if you’ve gotten enough out of the site to merit even greater contributions. So, thank you.

Q: What if I made a mistake or suddenly decide I hate you and want my money back?
A: You can ask for your money back up to 60-days after the transaction. I’ll send it over, no questions asked, along with the salt of my tears.

Q: Will you be doing any special events or meet ups for supporters in the future?
A: Yes! I hope to. Periodically, I travel for speaking engagements, readings, or media appearances. When in various major cities, I’d like to shoot emails to supporters in that area and have a little meet up (read: drink-a-thon). So yes, this is definitely something I’d like to do.

Q: What will the money be used for?
A: While the site may appear to be a humble personal blog on the surface, it has become its own beast. Three of us work on it full-time and another person part-time. The hosting bill for 1-2 million monthly readers including things like email servers, cyber security, storage, video hosting and so on, is well into the thousands each month. So yeah, if I want to continue to push the content here into deeper, more insightful places (and I do want to), then I’m going to need some help.

Q: When/how can I cancel my payment?
A: You can cancel any time. There is a link in your member profile. Or you can email me and I’ll get it done.
After you cancel, you have access to everything until the end of your paid-for period.