Episode 26: 7 Underrated Habits for a Better Life (and 7 Overrated Ones Too)

April 17, 2024

About the Episode

I just heard about the “bed rotting” trend on social media and I think I need a minute.

Because if the kids think staying in bed all day eating pizza and doom scrolling is a form of rejuvenation then I’m calling bullshit on self-care.

Today’s episode is a fun one. Drew and I have a long list of common self-improvement practices and I’m scoring them as overrated or underrated or, “it depends.”

Mark Quotes From the Episode

A message that needs to get shared more is self-discipline is self-love.
A lot of people have a tendency to mistake romance for love itself. They mistake romance for love and respect. They mistake romance for a healthy, thriving relationship. When actually, some of the things that maximize romance are completely unhealthy and toxic.
People tend to overestimate their romantic relationships and underestimate their friendships.
Politics has become almost like a drug. It’s like reality TV for the masses, and that’s not a healthy way to govern a society.
The most effective way to depress yourself is to start a drug habit and watch news 24/7.
While I am not religious, I admire the community aspect of religious groups. There’s something undeniably powerful about the support and connection fostered within these communities.

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