Episode 23: $100M Founder of Eight Companies: Here’s How to Take Action (ft. Noah Kagan)

March 27, 2024

About the Episode

Social media messes with our expectations because it convinces us that we should be doing everything, everywhere, all at once.

But the reality is that we should focus on doing one or two things extremely well, in one place, consistently over a long period of time.

Today on the pod, I talk to Noah Kagan, multi-millionaire and multi-business owner, about the type of consistency and habits that lead to wealth.

Noah created his own wealth out of self-belief, learning from failing and being careful with what he gives a fuck about. Noah’s story is compelling as he shares how he found success over decades, by never ceasing to try.

If you’re looking for some raw talk to get you motivated to go out and do cool shit, this is the episode to sink your energy into. Enjoy.

Noah Kagan Quotes From the Episode

Success happens in decades.
It’s easy to get what you want when you know what you want. But most people don’t realize that.
There’s a voice in our head that’s like, I should do this thing, but I don’t want to because I’m scared: what if it doesn’t work out? And *that*’s the thing to do.
One of the commonalities of people who inspire me is optimism.

Episode Notes

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