Episode 2 – Ask Mark Anything

Topics I cover in this AMA

A few weeks ago, I asked site members to submit and vote for questions they would like me to answer.

I’ve now answered 14 of the most interesting and upvoted questions in one hour of video. Check out the questions below.

AMA Video: Part 1

  • What do you read or do when you feel like the world is a steam pile of shit?
  • How to stop being a dreamer and start being a doer
  • How to act without expectation
  • Which areas of compatibility are essential in relationships?
  • When is it worth waiting despite the ‘fuck yes or no law’?

AMA Video: Part 2

  • What to do when neediness comes back?
  • Why is turning 30 such a difficult age?
  • How to make up for lost time as a fuck up
  • Why are we so fearful of rejection?
  • What the fuck does it all mean anyway?

AMA Video: Part 3

  • How do you balance/prioritize your life?
  • Are our brains ready for monogamy?
  • The state of masculinity today
  • Should we own houses or cars at all?

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