Philosophy isn’t just an abstract, lofty discipline bound to stodgy academic institutions. It’s a living, evolving debate about the nature of reality and our place in it.

Philosophers argue about the hard questions of good and evil, value and meaninglessness, justice and corruption, truth and ignorance, and so much more.

At its core, philosophy attempts to answer the question we all struggle to answer each day: how do you live a good life?

I wrestle with that same question in the pages below.

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Philosophy Articles by Date

February 15Feb 15 4 Ways I’ve Changed My Mind in the Past 10 Years
February 15Feb 15 Why I Am Not a Stoic
September 28Sep 28 8 Logical Fallacies That Mess Us All Up
September 7Sep 7 Why We All Need Philosophy
February 3Feb 3 The Great “Meaning” Trend
December 8Dec 8 The 3 Paradoxes of Life
October 11Oct 11 5 Tenets of a Negative Self-Help
April 29Apr 29 The Uncomfortable Truth
March 14Mar 14 Personal Values: How to Know Who You Really Are
October 16Oct 16 Why We Hold On to Bad Beliefs
August 16Aug 16 The One Rule for Life
June 7Jun 7 Why the Best Things in Life Are All Backwards
March 1Mar 1 How to Grow the Fuck Up: A Guide to Humans
September 14Sep 14 The Most Important Skill in Life
March 30Mar 30 Life Is a Video Game—Here Are the Cheat Codes
March 9Mar 9 Reflections on Aging
March 9Mar 9 The Meaning of Life Is a Ham Sandwich
February 9Feb 9 The Disease of More
January 26Jan 26 The Responsibility/Fault Fallacy
December 15Dec 15 6 Books That Make You Less of a Horrible Person
October 20Oct 20 3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You
May 19May 19 The Virtue of Doubt
January 28Jan 28 5 Massive Books That Are Worth Your Time
August 20Aug 20 How to Start a Cult and Save the World
May 21May 21 The Four Stages of Life
April 2Apr 2 7 Books That Will Change How You See the World
February 26Feb 26 The Staggering Bullshit of “The Secret”
January 8Jan 8 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
November 6Nov 6 The Most Important Question of Your Life
September 5Sep 5 How Do You Measure Your Life?
March 14Mar 14 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Playing Guitar
February 6Feb 6 20 Paradoxes That Are True
October 8Oct 8 An Open Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self
September 3Sep 3 The Prime Belief
June 4Jun 4 The Rise and Fall of Ken Wilber
February 21Feb 21 The Simple Joys Are the Most Meaningful
December 22Dec 22 The Wisdom of Surfing
August 9Aug 9 This Is Water