How to Be Successful in Life

The internet is inundated with countless videos and advice columns promising to teach you how to become more successful than 99% of the world’s population.

Most of these claims revolve around setting goals, developing discipline, and eliminating distractions.

But let’s face it: if you take a close look at the habits of highly successful people, you’ll quickly realize that they don’t strictly adhere to a regimented lifestyle or adopt monk-like behavior.

So, what is it that truly sets the wildly successful apart from the rest?

The Real Pillars of Extreme Success

To genuinely rise above 99% of the population, you must:

  1. Develop a contrarian idea
  2. Be correct about that idea
  3. Execute on it on a massive scale

The most significant challenge lies in disagreeing with the majority, being right in your contrarian stance, and having the courage to put everything on the line for your beliefs.

People often fixate on the execution aspect because it’s the most visible and easiest to emulate.

However, execution alone does not determine the extent of a person’s success.

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    Correct Contrarianism: The Key Ingredient to Groundbreaking Achievements

    Some of history’s most significant breakthroughs, such as the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein or the Wright brothers’ invention of the airplane, were once correct contrarian ideas that were initially deemed ridiculous and dismissed by many.

    The willingness to challenge widely-held assumptions, adopt unpopular beliefs, and remain steadfast despite the ridicule and criticism that may come your way is what paves the way for groundbreaking success.

    The Overlooked Downside of Extreme Success

    But before setting your sights on becoming more successful than 99% of people, take a moment to consider the following potential drawbacks:

    1. You will be unpopular – Achieving extreme success can often alienate you from friends and family who may not understand or support your unconventional path.
    2. You will fail—a lot – To become a correct contrarian, you must first accept the fact that you’ll be an incorrect contrarian many times, which can lead to numerous setbacks and failures along the way.
    3. The happiness myth – Success doesn’t automatically equate to happiness. In reality, success often amplifies who you already are and how you feel, so it’s not a cure-all for life’s problems.

    Redefining Success: Identifying Your True Motivations

    Rather than obsessing over the notion of outperforming 99% of people, take some time to reflect on your underlying motivations for seeking such a high level of success.

    Make sure you’re setting the right definition of success for yourself, and pursue your passions and goals for the right reasons.

    By doing so, you’ll be more likely to achieve genuine fulfillment and satisfaction in life.