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Look, you’re probably wondering, “What the fuck am I doing on this page?” I know, I’m wondering the same thing. Nobody wanted this page here. It just kinda happened. So let’s get this over with.

Here’s the thing. I’m an independent writer. What that means is that I’m not under contract at a magazine or newspaper, I’m not beholden to some overbearing editor/publisher, and I’m certainly not whoring myself out to some big media conglomerate. This means I don’t have to sell ads or beg for airtime. It means I can’t get cancelled or censored or intimidated out of saying what needs to be said. I don’t have to pitch a dozen article ideas just to get a thousand words printed somewhere where people will read it.

I write stuff. You read it. It’s that simple.

Now, I’m very fortunate to be in this position. But it’s also not an accident. I wasn’t born on top of a pile of money. Daddy never bought me a Ferrari and I don’t have some shady backdoor business like selling crack to schoolchildren or, even worse, selling supplements on the internet.

I have you. My readers. People who love what I do enough that they’re willing to help me keep being able to do it.

There’s no middle man here. I write stuff you like. Then I say, “Uhh, hey, mind giving me enough money to like, pay my web hosting bill?” And then amazing people like you do. Because you’re awesome and you like to see amazing, independently-published, no-bullshit content that enriches and improves your life. So you think to yourself, “Hey yeah, this guy Mark deserves a burrito,” and then a few of you give me enough money to go buy a burrito.

That’s how it works, and that’s kind of how it should work. I imagine.

But, this isn’t a donation trip. No, I don’t believe a writer should grovel for money. If you support me and my work, you should get something in return. And so I’ve put together a lot of amazing content for people who are willing to shell enough money to buy me a beer each month. In fact, it’s a hell of a lot of value for what you pay.

Support the site and get access to the following:

  • All the no-bullshit insights, new perspectives and poop jokes I have to offer. You get instant access to all articles on the site, including the 40+ exclusive subscriber-only articles.
  • Listen on the go. I record audio versions of all articles, as well as audio commentaries with backstories and research. Members can stream and download all of them, so if you’ve ever wanted to hear me talk about Kant during a flight, this is your moment.
  • Improve your relationships, conquer your fears, and build a better life. Once upon a time, I created a number of professionally-made, online video courses about relationships, anxiety and social skills. I sold them for $29.95 per month each, but now these and more are all included in the subscription:

    The membership includes 6 courses to improve your life:

    • Dating & Relationships Course – Get insights about how to build a healthy and lasting relationship. 10 high-quality video lessons, with exercises.
    • Connection Course – Learn how to become better at social interactions and have deeper conversations, leading to more fulfilling connections. 11 high-quality video lessons with exercises.
    • Overcome Anxiety Course – Understand the root of your anxiety, and then overcome it. Using concepts from the most successful form of therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy. 8 high-quality video lessons with exercises.
    • Blogging & Writing Course – A collection of videos, articles and other materials about my approach to writing and blogging. Recommended for people who are looking to start a book or blog themselves.
    • Escape Plan: The Long-Term Travel Course – An extensive written course for people who want to travel long-term, but don’t know how yet. Create your own Escape Plan tailored to your budget and travel goals.
    • Build a Better Life Course – A system I use to figure out what I want out of life, and how to get there. It’s helped me to get where I am now. I recommend doing it at least once a year.
  • Ask me anything videos – As a member you can ask me any question and upvote other members’ questions. A couple times a year I answer the best and most-upvoted questions in my AMA videos, exclusively available to site members.
  • 5 Awesome Ebooks, which go in-depth on topics like Self-Knowledge, Relationships, Habits and Happiness are instantly emailed to you after signing up.
  • Exclusive events and meet-ups, like exclusive post-show meet-ups during my book tours.
  • One day I will buy a member a free taco. I don’t know who it will be, or where, or when, but hey, it could be you!

And signing up is risk-free.

  • You can cancel at any time, easily. From within your profile or by sending me an email. If you cancel, you will have access for the rest of your paid-for period
  • I offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee. If you’re not happy, you can ask for your money back for up to 2 months, no questions asked.
  • Your payment is safe and secure. Your payment is SSL-encrypted and we never store your payment details, not even for a second.
  • Awesome customer support: If you need anything, me and my staff will be happy to help.

So if you’ve ever liked or shared an article of mine. If you’ve ever read something and thought, “Holy cow turds, that’s amazing!” If something I’ve written has ever saved you from a headache, a divorce, or imminent death. Consider throwing me a few bucks.

That’s all it is. A few bucks to feed Mark and make Mark write more Mark things. It allows me to keep doing what I do best. And it keeps things simple. No middle man. No ads. No bullshit. Just me yammering on and you reading and (hopefully) liking it.

So, just hit the shiny sign-up button below and sign up, and welcome aboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which payment methods and credit cards do you accept?
A: You can pay by credit card and PayPal. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Q: Is my payment secure?
A: Yes, we take your security very seriously. The signup page (and the entire site) is encrypted with 128-bit SSL, meaning that any information you submit is secure.

None of your payment information ever touches our servers. If you pay by credit card, we never store your credit card number or your security code (CVV code). We only use a payment “token” (an order number generated by the payment processor) that allows us to complete the payment. If you pay by PayPal, the payment is handled entirely by PayPal.

Q: What if I made a mistake or suddenly decide I hate you and want my money back?
A: You can ask for your money back up to 60 days after the transaction. I’ll send it over, no questions asked, along with the salt of my tears. Please note that refunds are not given by default, but only on request.

Q: Is this a recurring subscription?
A: Yes, you will be billed each month (if you choose the monthly subscription) or each year (if you choose the yearly subscription). You can cancel at any time, and if you cancel you retain full access to all content for the entire paid-for period.

Q: When/how can I cancel my subscription?
A: You can cancel any time. There is a link in your member profile. Or you can email me and I’ll get it done.

After you cancel, you have access to everything until the end of your paid-for period.

Q: Will you be doing any special events or meet ups for supporters in the future?
A: Yes! I have done special meet-ups for site members in the past and will continue to do it in the future. Periodically, I travel for speaking engagements, readings, or media appearances. When in various major cities, I shoot emails to supporters in that area and have a little meet up.

Q: What will the money be used for?
A: While the site may appear to be a humble personal blog on the surface, it has become its own beast. Four of us work on it full-time. The hosting bill for 1-2 million monthly readers including things like email servers, design, cyber security, storage, video hosting and so on, is well over six figures each year. So, yeah, if I want to continue to push the content here into deeper, more insightful places (and I do want to), then I’m going to need some help.