How to Be Happy (Or At Least Hate Your Life Slightly Less)

Look, I know you probably came here looking for a promise of fairies and rainbows and those really nice mints that hotels leave on your pillows, but I’m here to tell you that happiness doesn’t work that way.

Most people just think that to be happy, they need to feel good all the time. Not only is this not true, but it’s actually part of the problem. It’s part of what’s holding you back.

Happiness is not something you achieve. It’s not something you do or some place you get to. Happiness is something you inhabit. Everything you need to be happy is within you today, right now. Therefore, being happy is more about removing and letting go of the messed up beliefs you have about happiness.

So I’ve put together a collection of articles on what happiness really is and the steps you can take in your own life to be happier—or, at least be a little less miserable all the time, which is a good start for some people.

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Mark Manson The Hidden Costs of Happiness

Like anything worth having in life, happiness comes at a price.

Mark Manson The Staggering Bullshit of “The Secret”

Despite what you’ve been told for years now, happiness has nothing to do with “positive thinking” and manifesting your destiny. Here’s my take on the bullshitty bullshit of “The Secret”.

Mark Manson Shut Up and Be Grateful

Being genuinely content in your life has everything to do with learning how to be grateful in life.

Mark Manson The Guide to Being Miserable

Part of being happy is knowing how not to be happy. Here are a few ways you can be miserable if you really try.

Mark Manson How Do You Measure Your Life?

Being happy requires a strong sense of your own values and metrics in life.


Mark Manson You Already Have Everything You Need

This might sound cliché, but happiness is found from within.

Mark Manson You’re Okay

A lot of problems that make people miserable aren’t really problems. You’ll be fine.

Mark Manson The Simple Joys are the Most Meaningful

Finding joy and meaning in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. They’re often right in front of you.

Mark Manson In Defense of Being Average

Mediocrity as a goal sucks, but mediocrity as a result is okay most of the time.

Mark Manson The Four Stages of Life

How we define happiness and meaning changes over our lifetimes. Here are my thoughts on how it works.

Mark Manson Your Two Minds

Being happier involves being more self-aware of your present state of mind and un-fusing your thoughts from your emotions.


Mark Manson Stop Trying To Be Happy

Yes, it sounds crazy, but maybe you’re trying too hard to be happy.

Mark Manson The Feedback Loop from Hell

Misery can often be caused by the our thought patterns. I delved into how it works in this excerpt from my book.

Mark Manson 3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You

Being happier has a lot to do with being flexible and letting some things go in life. Here are 3 life skills that help you do just that.

Mark Manson 9 Steps to Hating Yourself a Little Less

We all have a little self-loathing going on from time to time. Here are some ways to be a little nicer to yourself without being too delusional in the process.

Mark Manson 5 Problems with the Self-Help Industry

Ironically, the self-help industry is a major source of misery these days. Here are some of the issues that arise when you get too far into this stuff.

Mark Manson Minimalism

Here I talk about what getting rid of just about all my wordly possessions did for my happiness.

Mark Manson Diversify Your Identity

Being happy requires us to let go of our egos and identities to some degree. One way of doing that is by having a diversified identity that isn’t too focused on “being” one thing.

Mark Manson Meditation: Why You Should Do It

Self-awareness, understanding, and compassion are all cornerstones of happiness. I’ve yet to find a better way of achieving these than through meditation.

Mark Manson The Zen Dilemma

Attachment—to things, to people, to our own egos, to our problems, etc.—can be a major source of suffering in life. But letting go of all of that presents its own set of challenges.