Productivity is a very personal thing. On a surface level, that means that what works for me—or anyone else, for that matter—might not work for you. That’s why you’ll rarely see me give a tip on the hottest productivity app or system or whatever.

But on a deeper level, productivity is tied to our beliefs about success and self-worth. Productivity is also a product of how we deal with our emotions.

Therefore, I approach the productivity question not from the angle of tactics, but from strategy. What are we trying to achieve, and more importantly, why are we trying to achieve it? These questions have wide practical implications. See below.

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Productivity Articles by Date

June 13Jun 13 3 Principles for a Better Life
January 3Jan 3 What in the World Are You Doing?
December 13Dec 13 The Point Is to Stop
May 21May 21 Creating Healthy Habits: A Practical Guide
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October 28Oct 28 Three Months Later: Does the Attention Diet Work?
October 28Oct 28 How to Be Patient in an Impatient World
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May 23May 23 Lifelong Learning: How to Continuously Learn and Grow
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November 19Nov 19 How to Make Better Decisions
April 5Apr 5 On Rock Music and Writing: The Fight to Stay Creative in the Face of Success
March 14Mar 14 How to Find The Perfect Career
October 5Oct 5 The Real Value of Money
August 18Aug 18 How to Become a Better Learner
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June 1Jun 1 The Creative Advantages of Ignorance
May 12May 12 How to Optimize Productivity (While Working Less)
April 28Apr 28 The Paradox of Success
January 7Jan 7 Why Goals Are Overrated (And What to Do Instead)
December 17Dec 17 Shut Up and Be Patient
October 22Oct 22 Screw Finding Your Passion
July 12Jul 12 How to Stop Procrastinating
June 18Jun 18 In Defense of Being Average
October 16Oct 16 How to Take Risks
October 2Oct 2 No, You Can’t Have It All
September 18Sep 18 7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose
August 6Aug 6 The Breakthrough Fallacy—What Change Actually Looks Like
March 20Mar 20 10 Life Lessons to Excel in Your 30s
March 6Mar 6 10 Life Lessons I Learned from Surviving My 20s
September 19Sep 19 Find What You Love and Let It Kill You
July 22Jul 22 Why Some Dreams Should Not Be Pursued
July 10Jul 10 The Dark Side of the Digital Nomad
May 22May 22 How to Read Faster and Remember More
November 30Nov 30 The 80/20 Principle and How It Can Change Your Life
August 21Aug 21 10 Reasons Why You Fail
August 13Aug 13 How to Make Your Own Luck
July 14Jul 14 How to Quit Your Day Job and Travel the World
June 15Jun 15 Minimalism
May 1May 1 Analysis Paralysis
December 2Dec 2 Interviewing Like a Boss
November 28Nov 28 How I Quit Smoking For Good