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Over the past ten years, I have written more than 1,500 pages of content for this website, all around the central ideas of personal values, emotional health, relationships, life purpose and self-discipline. This page is an attempt to organize those major themes into a coherent philosophy that you, the reader, can easily digest and understand.

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Establish Your Personal Values

Everything begins with our values. Our values are what we choose to make important or unimportant in our lives. While most personal growth material focuses on achieving success or finding happiness, our values determine our definitions of success and happiness. Therefore, if your values are off, then nothing else you do will matter, you will find yourself in a heaping pile of shit.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Once you’ve figured out your personal values, you’ll understand your emotional reactions to various experiences as well as gain better control over those reactions. Emotional intelligence is the ability to harness your emotions – both positive and negative – and use them in a useful, constructive way.

Stop Being an Emotional Idiot

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Foster Healthy Relationships

Once you’ve become more adept at managing your emotions, you’ll naturally be able to improve your relationship. You’ll begin to sense boundary violations, and learn to act unconditionally. Psychological research regularly shows that how satisfied we are with our lives is equivalent to how satisfied with our relationships. Therefore, healthy relationships are a cornerstone of any healthy individual.

Fix Your Relationships; Love Life

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Create a Life Purpose

A life purpose isn’t found, it’s created. It’s generated. And it’s largely generated out of the relationships you create around you. People who fail to create strong relationships (usually due to poor values or low emotional intelligence) end up feeling lost and purposeless in their lives.

Exhibit Self-Discipline

Most people start by trying to be more disciplined and productive, but discipline is the last piece of the puzzle, not the first. That’s because self-discipline is an emotional process. It’s based on feeling aligned with one’s values, relationships, and desires — not a constant battle against them.

Understand How the World Works

With an understanding of the principles above, I often write about various things in the world — cultures, politics, technology, and so on. I also often give book recommendations. This section of the site is to see how my philosophy can be applied to life.

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