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Mindf*ck Monday #3: When Things Aren’t As They Seem

Mindf*ck Monday #3: When Things Aren’t As They Seem

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Another week and another Muthafuckin’ Monday newsletter—the only newsletter you need when you’re barely awake and hating life. This week, we’re talking about: 1) people losing their goddamn minds over things they shouldn’t, 2) millennials are better at marrying, and 3) oh, BTDubs, I’m hiring.

1. The Nuclear Power Effect
Here are two recommendations for your viewing pleasure this week. The first, Chernobyl, on HBO, is absolutely fantastic and probably the best thing I’ve watched all year. The second is Inside Bill’s Brain, a short, three-part Netflix documentary about Bill Gates. These sound completely unrelated, but they are, in fact, quite related.

In his documentary, Gates spends a monumental amount of money, energy, and brainpower attempting to solve global problems. And, interestingly, the largest barrier he faces, time and time again, is public perception. He can’t eradicate polio in West Africa because rural chieftains believe it’s an imperialist conspiracy. He can’t solve sanitation issues in Africa by inventing a better toilet because the best engineers and politicians don’t want to deal with… well, shit.

And perhaps most significantly, despite monumental investments to invent safer cores and better technology, he can’t get countries to build nuclear …

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