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#105: When to Reinvent Yourself

#105: When to Reinvent Yourself

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Ten years ago, I redesigned my dating/relationship advice blog, slapped some splatter graphics across the home page, and started writing personal development articles that utilized the word “f*ck” a lot.

At the time, it felt fresh and novel and I soon experienced far more success than a man could ever hope for.

And for the last ten years, I have more or less been following that same formula, set out with that reinvention: brash, confrontational writing; giving life advice that is practical, realistic, and scientifically grounded. Throw in a dash of scatological humor and maybe a cool anecdote about rock stars and boom, you had a classic Mark Manson article (or chapter).

Fast forward a decade. Hundreds of articles, dozens of newsletters, and three books later, I hit a point where I began to feel as though there was nowhere else to go, nothing else to say, little new ground to cover.

I realized recently that I had been repeating myself a lot. What had once been enthusiasm for exploring something new ten years ago had turned into repetitive boredom.

So, after much thought and consideration, for the first time in ten years I’ve decided that it’s time to reinvent myself and my work again. As such, there are many changes coming in the next few months:

1. First, this will be the last “Mindf*ck Monthly” newsletter.

Starting December 12th, it will be rebranded with a new name and a slightly different focus. It will become weekly again, but with shorter, more actionable content. If you’re reading this, you will automatically receive it. I think you will love it and I hope you will decide to stay subscribed!

2. My website will be redesigned and reorganized from top to bottom.

If you are a School member, you will still have access to all of the courses, they will just be in a different place.

3. And finally, I’m going to produce a lot more video content.

Particularly on YouTube. As such, I’m hiring. If you’ve worked in TV/Film/online video and are looking for some exciting new challenges, you can apply for a job here.

Without spoiling the surprise too much, my work will become more interactive—i.e., involving you, the reader, and your stories. There will also be much more focus on implementation rather than just theory.

Because, let’s be real—while it’s fun to sit here and pontificate about f*cks given and f*cks not given for years on end, at the end of the day, you eventually have to get off your ass and do something.

Excited to show you the “something” that I’ll be doing.

See you next month, in a whole new context.


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